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Gain Insight On Your Own Identity with Neuroscience For Dummies

The brain holds the secrets to how your body operates, including your personality, your use of language and your memories.  Research into the human brain has exploded in recent years, and neuroscience has become a major program at many universities and a required course for a wide range of studies.

Neuroscience For Dummies (Wiley; December 2011) provides an understanding of the brain’s structure and function, as well as a look into the relationship between memory, learning, emotions, and the brain.  With insight into the biology of mental illness and a glimpse at future treatments and applications of neuroscience, Neuroscience For Dummies is a fascinating read for students and general interest readers alike.

Frank Amthor is available for interviews and is able to speak about:

  • The latest advances in treating brain injuries, including pharmacological therapies, transplants, electrical stimulation, and neural prostheses;
  • Environmental effects on the development of the human brain;
  • Changes in the brain as you age, and everyday strategies to maintain cognitive abilities;
  • The “10 Percent Myth”: the origins of this myth are unknown, but scientists have categorically dismissed it. Do you think you’d be able to properly function with 90% of your brain removed?
  • How gender affects brain function;
  • How the brain processes emotion and uses memory to adapt behavior.