Patty's Industrial Hygiene, 4-Volume Set, 6th Edition

Vernon E. Rose (Editor), Barbara Cohrssen (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-470-07488-6
2654 pages
December 2010
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February 13, 2011

Patty's Industrial Hygiene, 6th Edition, 4-Volume Set

“Patty’s…the name has a golden reputation associated with it." Harry Elston, Editor of Journal of Chemical Health and Safety.

The 6th Edition of the cornerstone reference work on occupational health and toxicology is now published by Wiley. Patty's Industrial Hygiene, 6th Edition, 4-Volume Set (December 2010) updates its comprehensive coverage and adds chapters to reflect the changing and expanding field of industrial hygiene.

Industrial hygiene is the science of evaluating and controlling workplace conditions that may cause workers' injury or illness. It is an interdisciplinary field that integrates chemistry, engineering, toxicology, medicine, and occupational health. Liability issues and the prospect of litigation loom large as motivating factors for regulatory compliance by corporate employers.

Now over six decades in print, Patty's Industrial Hygiene, 6th Edition has evolved into a standard reference for chemists, engineers, toxicologists, and occupational safety personnel. Since the 5th edition was published, the field of industrial hygiene has changed with personnel often self-employed, working for multinational firms, or at small consulting firms. As the working environment has changed and expanded, so have the types of information and resources required.

Patty's Industrial Hygiene, 6th Edition includes, in four volumes, new information and reliable resources to prepare for natural disasters, exposures to biological agents and potential acts of terrorism. There are new chapters on Homeland Security, Nanomaterials, Chemical Toxicants, Assessment of Contaminants, Recognition and Evaluation of Physical Agents, Ergonomics, Bioaerosols, International Regulations, Hospital Safety, Fire Safety, and Emergency Disaster Response.

Patty's Industrial Hygiene, 6th Edition is the standard work for a wide range of professionals including industrial hygienists in consulting and industry, chemical hygiene officers, toxicologists and occupational medicine physicians, occupational/ environmental health and safety professionals and managers, and health and safety regulators. It is also a required resource for industrial hygiene academic programs.