Crazy Good Interviewing: How Acting A Little Crazy Can Get You The Job

ISBN: 978-1-118-29514-4
256 pages
May 2012
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June 21, 2012
Hoboken, NJ

How Acting a Little Crazy Can Help Candidates Stand Out in Job Interviews

Dr. John B. Molidor Examines Valuable Interviewing Skills and the Crazy Bad Practices to Avoid in his new book, Crazy Good Interviewing

According to the United States Department of Labor, the unemployment rate has lingered above 8% since 2009. With new graduates entering an already dormant job market, any job seeker that is lucky enough to land an interview needs all the advice they can get to build the confidence and skills needed to stand out among other candidates and ace the interview.  

In thier new book, Crazy Good Interviewing: How Acting A Little Crazy Can Get You The Job (Wiley, May 2012; Paperback and ebook; $19.95; 978-1-118-29514-4)  Dr. John B. Molidor and Barbara Parus aim to help those who are looking for work in this tough economy.  The book, which was called one of the best career books for 2012 by The Wall Street Journal’s professional career site FINS.com, addresses how slightly eccentric behaviors can tip the scales in the applicant’s favor. 

“Ever hear of a job candidate stretching out on the interviewer's floor to fill out an application? Or an applicant who sees nothing wrong with texting during the interview? Securing a job interview is a golden opportunity and this crazy bad behavior described will not result in a job offer,” says Molidor. “Crazy Good Interviewing shows readers that crazy good behavior, however, can make an applicant stand out favorably in a sea of mediocrity. Crazy good behavior can range from a candidate who created a keynote presentation on his iPad to show what he could bring to the job or the one who created a DVD highlighting her abilities. I hope this book gives job hunters an opportunity to get their creative juices flowing so they can become the stand-out applicant at their next interview and land a new job.”

Molidor wrote Crazy Good Interviewing based on his many years of conducting workshops and teaching interview techniques. In the book, Molidor explores how crazy good interviewing is all about applying a variety of mental strategies and positive verbal and non-verbal communication skills to the interview process to ensure the best possible outcome, with advice such as:

  • How to access your three key strengths, how to use body language effectively, how to prepare a five-sentence history that builds a bridge to the interviewer, and more
  • His “ACT Out” interviewing model
  • Examples of crazy bad behaviors, such as inquiring about the company’s drug testing policies and exaggerating on a resume
  • Self-assessment tips, resources, quizzes and examples from workshops, movies, and current events
  • Tips for reducing interview-day jitters and conquering the group interview
  • Specific chapters for bridging the gap between Gen X and Gen Y interviewers and interviewees.
  • Examples of crazy bad and crazy good ways to follow up with a thank you letter

“It’s scary to search for a job in a tough market. The worse the economy is, the harder it is to get and keep a good job. With a bad economy and no credentials, sometimes it feels almost futile to search when jobs are in such short supply,” adds Molidor. “If you're looking for your first job, or if you're just out of work and looking, your task is to get into extreme job search to land a job interview, and then do everything in your power to shine.”