Running a Food Truck For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-28738-5
360 pages
August 2012

August 14, 2012
Hoboken, NJ

Learn the Ins and Outs of Launching Your Own Mobile Food Business with Running a Food Truck For Dummies®

Food trucks, a long-standing part of American and world culture, have never had it so good. With cult followings, celebrity endorsements, Food Network attention, and thousands of social media followers, these mobile dining outlets have never been so popular. Foodies all over the country are rushing to stand in line to sample their fare.

Available now, Running a Food Truck For Dummies® (Wiley, 978-1-1182-8738-5, August 2012) introduces aspiring entrants to the street food scene and helps them start their own food truck business and operate it successfully. Written by Mobile Cuisine Magazine Editor-in-Chief Richard Myrick, the book includes details on how to select your mobile food platform, business and legal requirements,   and social media guidelines to help promotion.

“Just like a restaurant, simply opening a food truck is not a guarantee for success. A food truck owner needs to understand all of the hats they will wear as a small business owner,” says Myrick. “A mobile vendor might be in a city that is very supportive of their operation, they may have the perfect locations to sell their product from, and they may be masters in marketing, but if their food is awful and refuse to fix the problem … they will not be staying open for very long.”

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