Brazil Is the New America: How Brazil Offers Upward Mobility in a Collapsing World

ISBN: 978-1-118-00663-4
331 pages
August 2012
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July 27, 2012
Hoboken, NJ

Brazil Offers Upward Mobility in a Collapsing World

As the U.S. grows more bankrupt by the day, many Americans are looking for investing opportunities abroad, but the familiar, traditional "advanced" temperate-zone economies of Europe and Asia seem just as bleak. In his new book Brazil Is the New America: How Brazil Offers Upward Mobility in a Collapsing World (Wiley; August 2012 Hardcover & ebook; $29.95; ISBN: 978-1-118-00663-4), James Dale Davidson, acclaimed entrepreneur and cofounder of Agora and Newsmax, presents another option explaining how Brazil has emerged as the new destination for investment success.

Even before the subprime crisis of 2008, economic growth in the United States was steadily decelerating. In the past decade, ever shrinking incomes and an erratic stock market combine with a widening gap between spending promises and actual resources to create a perfect storm of downward mobility. Yet, while the United States remains in the throes of financial crisis, Brazil has already undergone its own period of wrenching adjustment and has come out the other side all the stronger for it. Having learned its inflation lesson, Brazil is now reinstituting high-interest credit, paving the way for impressive growth prospects over the next decade, while transforming the country into an investor's dream.

“We Americans believe ourselves to be rich. For our entire lives, we have been told that the United States is the richest country on earth. Many of us who cast uneasy glances into the future anticipated that sometime in the future the unrealistic promises made to pay Social Security and Medicare benefits would come to grief. We were optimists,” says Davidson. “That someday is not decades away, but the day after tomorrow.”

Davidson points out that with a population just two-thirds the size of that of the U.S., Brazil has created over 15 million jobs in the past eight years, while the U.S. lost jobs. Combining energy independence and vast natural resources, including 60 percent of the world's unused arable land, and 25 percent of its fresh water, Brazil is the first tropical superpower, offering a whole new frontier for growth. Add in a young population, a relatively underleveraged consumer economy, and a per capita GDP that has more than doubled in the last decade, and you have a recipe for investment success. Davidson also explores:

  • How the original "America" now embodies the brightest hope for realizing the American Dream while the "Old America" is headed for a dramatic decline in the standard of living
  • Brazil’s investment opportunities for anyone looking to relocate themselves, their business, or simply want to put their money to work somewhere that still has the potential to grow
  • The cost structure of employment in Brazil versus the United States
  • How unlike the US economy, the economic situation in Brazil is still quite strong, in part because the consumer economy is relatively non-leveraged.
  • With Brazil hosting the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics, billions in funding and millions of visitors will flood to the country in just the next few years

“This book is an attempt to explain how and why the world is changing, with respect to the other great, continental American economy – Brazil,” adds Davidson. “The awakening of the long slumbering giants, China and India, will profoundly reshape the world economy, and Brazil is one country that is sure to benefit. This book shows you everything you need to know to start investing in and profiting from its growth.”