How the Trading Floor Really Works

ISBN: 978-1-119-96295-3
368 pages
October 2012
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September 13, 2012
London, UK

How the Trading Floor Really Works

The general understanding of what a trading floor is and how it works is primarily gleaned from a few Hollywood movies and books such as Liars Poker. While the impression created is very entertaining, the implication is that a trading floor has more in common with the Wild West than with finance today.  Not only is this slightly misleading, but importantly the dynamics of a trading floor are what drive the risk taking and the risk management of banks which is crucial to understanding finance today. 

In How the Trading Floor Really Works, Terri Duhon describes the workings of the trading floor while at the same time demystifying a lot of the trading floor terminology. Those who understand the dynamics of trading floors will better understand the dynamics of global financial markets. This book reveals the key players on the floor, their roles and responsibilities, how they serve their clients, and how it all impacts the markets.

The book is the perfect starting place for anyone who wants to understand financial markets. It clearly explains how the financial markets work and what the purpose of the bank and the bank trading floor is, using clear examples. It is also the ideal companion for any financial market professional not sat on the trading floor, with chapters detailing the roles of quants, risk managers and clients and going into the details of prop trading, market making and derivative trading.

How The Trading Floor Really Works covers what most academic books don’t by focusing on key individuals on the trading floor and walking through some common financial markets transactions. Terri Duhon uses her personal experience of the trading floor to decipher and translate the world of financial markets.