Encyclopedia of Environmetrics, 2nd Edition, 6 Volume Set

Abdel H. El-Shaarawi (Editor-in-Chief), Walter W. Piegorsch (Editor-in-Chief)
ISBN: 978-0-470-97388-2
3510 pages
November 2012
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December 01, 2012

Encyclopedia of Environmetrics, 2nd Edition 6 Volume Set


The 2nd Edition of the Encyclopedia of Environmetrics published by Wiley in print and online is an expanded and revised reference work intended for use in university libraries, research laboratories, government institutions and consultancies concerned with the environmental sciences.

Over 130 new and updated articles from the new edition have been added to the existing encyclopedia online. See www.wiley.com/go/eoenv for more details.

Over the past decade the discipline of environmetrics has experienced a burst of vitality and progress. The second edition of the Encyclopedia of Environmetrics is a timely expansion and revision of the definitive reference. 

Key features of the 2nd edition include:

•     Expanded to six volumes to reflect developments in the environmetrics techniques and applications during past decade

•     Over 60% articles are new or revised

•     New section: Environmental Engineering and Technology

•     Increased breadth and depth of coverage in key application areas such as climate science and hydrological processes

•     Revised and updated treatment of methodology including spatial-temporal statistics, computational statistics and modeling extremes 

•     Greater emphasis on practitioner-oriented content