Next Generation Excel: Modeling In Excel For Analysts And MBAs (For MS Windows And Mac OS), 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-1-118-46910-1
304 pages
March 2013
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Business & Finance

April 15, 2013

Latest from Gottlieb: Financial Professional Guide to Taking Excel to the Next Level in Accounting and Financial Modeling

Companies of all sizes use financial models to analyze their finances and plan business operations, including the designing of financial accounting reports like balance sheets, income statements, and statements of cash flows. While many businesspeople are familiar with reports created with financial models, most are not as familiar with the creation of the models themselves.

In the Second Edition of Next Generation Excel, Temple University professor Dr. Isaac Gottlieb guides financial analysts on building an accurate and effective financial model using the solid functionality and easy usability of Excel. The book unravels the full capabilities of Excel, helping financial analysts move forward into the new world of accounting and finance.

Next Generation Excel, 2nd Edition demonstrates an array of advanced business decision-making and financial and accounting functions including how to quickly create models that deliver accurate, relevant information related to efficiency, forecasting, and a host of other business and reporting issues.

The content is compatible with Excel for Windows and Excel for Mac. It is fully updated with Apple operating system support and additional cases.

The book is now available in both hardcover and various e-book formats at all major bookstores. For more information, visit the publisher's website at: http://www.wiley.com/buy/9781118469101.