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Research Explores Success of HIV Prevention Strategies

Despite the great advances in treating HIV, effective prevention strategies remain a challenge for populations across the world. Recommendations such as condoms, sexual abstinence, and male circumcision, are often not available to women in populations most at risk from the disease.

Writing in The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, Dr. Angela Kashuba reviews the development of HIV topical microbicides, their limited successes, their failures, what has been learned and where this information leads to the development of effective HIV prevention strategies.

“It is estimated that more than 900,000 women over the age of 15 acquire sexually-transmitted HIV infection annually. Topically-applied interventions such as gels, rings, and films may offer women discreet, non disclosable options to protect themselves from HIV acquisition,” said Dr. Kashuba. “In this review, we have provided a critical evaluation of the development history of topical HIV prevention strategies, highlighting important lessons and key considerations for the future.”