Speed Reading For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-45744-3
288 pages
August 2009
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September 23, 2009
Hoboken, NJ

Become a More Effective, Efficient Reader with SPEED READING FOR DUMMIES®

A new book by Richard Sutz, founder and CEO of The Literacy Company in Scottsdale, Arizona and developer of the award-winning The Reader’s Edge™ software program, promises to satisfy the urgent need for students, members of the workforce, and people of all ages to achieve better reading fluency and improve comprehension, retention, and recall of important facts in our increasingly information-packed world. 


Speed Reading For Dummies® (Wiley; 978-0-470-45744-3; August 2009) includes many easy-to-follow exercises and reading tips to help increase one’s reading speed and comprehension – skills that will last a lifetime. The book is also a tool for helping students prepare for their college entrance exams, such as the ACT and SAT, by perfecting silent reading fluency, enhancing vocabulary development, and improving comprehension and recall of important content. In straightforward language and an easy-to-use format, it teaches readers how to improve their reading skills for any type of reading material—from books, newspapers, and magazines to e-mails and technical manuals. The book is available at www.dummies.com and wherever books are sold. 


Sutz has many years of experience in developing new methods of teaching reading skills, and The Reader’s Edge™ software program is now in over 100 countries and has been rated the #1 speed reading program worldwide for the past three years. His mission is to bring about change in the way reading is taught by teaching “Read to Learn” skills after students have completed their “Learn to Read” skills in elementary school. Sutz is passionate about his work to help people improve their silent reading skills and go beyond the basics of learning to read, and instead achieve a higher level of enjoyment and comprehension when reading for pleasure and for work. 

The Literacy Company recently opened The Literacy Academy, which offers engaging workshops for adults and students, designed to teach silent reading fluency in addition to other important skills, such as study skills, test preparation strategies, and time management strategies. If interested in more information about the workshops, visit www.ReadFaster.com/Workshops or call 480-998-3502.

About For Dummies®

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