Mind Chi: Re-wire Your Brain in 8 Minutes a Day -- Strategies for Success in Business and Life

ISBN: 978-1-906465-58-2
360 pages
February 2010, Capstone
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January 05, 2010

Re-Wire Your Brain in 8 Minutes a Day

How many times have you sat in front of your PC, staring at the screen, totally unable to focus on that urgent report for your boss? Are you an old acquaintance of the Friday afternoon slump or the Monday morning trance? If we’re honest, we could all do with a bit of extra brain energy to avoid feeling ineffective and weary at times. Just as Tai Chi has been used for centuries to balance body and mind, Mind Chi, the new book by Richard Israel and Vanda North, will give you a daily routine of simple exercises to increase your mental energy.

Before you know it you will have recharged your diminished brain energy, all you need to do is commit yourself to doing Mind Chi for 8 minutes a day in order to discover:

  • Sharper powers of concentration and information management
  • Improved control over attention span, memory, thoughts and feelings
  • Fast and easy ways to reduce stress and increase confidence
  • New positive habits, thoughts and mental resilience
  • Fantastic energy levels, during and after the working day
  • A unique and individual competitive edge

With a powerful synthesis of CBT, NLP and creative thinking techniques, Mind Chi: Re-Wire Your Brain in 8 Minutes a Day – Strategies for Success in Business and Life, is perfectly suited to those who want to think better, sharper, quicker and improve their memory.