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Vol 76 (4 Issues in 2017)
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March 11, 2010
Melbourne, Australia

Equipping the Australian Public Service for Australia’s Future Challenges

In early 2010, the Australian Government Administration will release a blueprint outlining reform policies that will equip the Australian Public Service with the necessary tools it needs to meet the challenges it would face in a time of changing public expectations, technology and demands. 

Ahead of the release, Australia’s Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has released an article in the Australian Journal of Public Administration published by Wiley Blackwell, discussing why the Australian government is undertaking this review process. This published paper also highlights the main findings of an important report that measures the performance of the Australian Public Service against the best public services in the world.

The report finds Australia on par in areas of efficiency in delivering outcomes, ability to develop skills and leadership capabilities, and provision of online access to government information. The areas that require improvement include service delivery, development of policy advice and planning to ensure workforce quality.

“There is no doubt that the Australian Public Service measures up well to the world’s leading public services. While we can take encouragement from the report, the challenge at the moment is to become more strategic and forward-looking, more outward-looking and more citizen-centered”, said PM Rudd.

He added, “We will continue to build on the strong foundations that Sir Robert Garran laid in 1901. The challenges ahead for the Australian Public Service are substantial, but I have every confidence that they have the capacity to meet those future challenges.”

The article “Equipping the Australian Public Service for Australia’s Future” is published in the February issue of Australian Journal of Public Administration (Vol. 69 , Issue  1).
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