Laboratory Safety for Chemistry Students

ISBN: 978-0-470-34428-6
552 pages
July 2010

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Chemistry, Wiley-Blackwell

August 10, 2010

Laboratory Safety for Chemistry Students

The essential practical guide to working safely in the laboratory is published by Wiley. Laboratory Safety for Chemistry Students provides a systematic approach to incorporating safety and health into the general chemistry curriculum.

All laboratory workers in colleges and universities must attend mandatory laboratory safety programs. This book is the ideal companion, full of real-world information that chemical hygiene officers and others responsible for the safety of their workplaces can put to use right away, identifying potential concerns before they do harm. 

It is crucial to work towards making safety an integral part of the educational process, so that when students graduate and become scientists they have developed a strong safety ethic. Laboratory Safety for Chemistry Students provides the knowledge and models of good practice needed by students to work safely in the laboratory. It focuses on news, information, and ideas relating to issues and advances in chemical health and safety, from the latest innovations in effective chemical hygiene practices to the most recent legal rulings on safety-related lawsuits.

Laboratory Safety for Chemistry Students provides continuous reinforcement of safety throughout the chemistry curriculum, and throughout a career in the laboratory.  To this end, relatively short sections are written so that they can be easily integrated into appropriate laboratory and lecture sessions.  Since this text is to be used over the four-year undergraduate period, each topic is divided into layers of progressively more advanced safety issues, focusing on how to recognize, assess, and manage laboratory hazards, and how to plan for response to laboratory emergencies.

For instructors, the authors have designed easy-to-use ancillary materials such as quizzes, discussion guides, and website materials that will allow for easy implementation in multiple courses. Laboratory Safety for Chemistry Students is the essential guide for laboratory managers and workers, and students and professors in undergraduate-graduate chemistry programs. It will be in every University Library and Chemistry Department.