A Climate Change Master Class from WIREs Climate Change

WIREs Climate Change the award winning interdisciplinary review series from Wiley-Blackwell, presents a “Climate Change Master Class”, bringing together a unique collection of papers by leading authors from across the research spectrum.

This collection of overview articles offers ideal entry points to different fields of climate change study. For students the papers offer an introductory orientation, however, they are also engaging for readers seeking current state-of-knowledge about climate change from across academic disciplines.

In Paleoclimates: what do we learn from deep ice cores?  Jean Jouzel and Valérie Masson Delmotte explore how the ice core community has produced a wealth of scientific results from a still relatively limited number of deep drilling sites in Greenland and Antarctica.

The authors examine the relationships between forcing factors and climate,  the importance of carbon cycle feedbacks, the occurrence of abrupt climate variability, and the interplay between polar climate, ice sheet dynamics, and sea-level variations.

In Observed trends in Earth System behavior  Will Steffen examines how the behavior of the Earth System over the past two centuries has been dominated by the rapid rise of human activities as a significant geophysical force at the global scale.  Steffen goes on to argue that the Earth has entered a new geological epoch where humans are driving accelerating changes to the behavior of the Earth System.

Other papers include Detection and attribution of climate change: a regional perspective by Peter Stott et al and Communicating climate change: history, challenges, process and future directions by Susanne Moser.

WIREs Climate Change combines the most powerful features of review journals with online reference works, addressing key topics in climate change research from diverse perspectives.

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