Products Books and subscription products in all media, with a focus on technology, travel, psychology, architecture, professional culinary, cooking, business, consumer reference, education, and general interest
Customers Professionals, consumers, and students worldwide
Distribution Multiple channels including major chains and online booksellers globally, independent bookstores, libraries, colleges and universities, warehouse clubs, corporations, direct marketing, and Web sites
Key Brands/
For Dummies, Jossey-Bass, Frommer's, Betty Crocker, CliffsNotes, Webster's New World, Visual, Howell Book House, JK Lasser, Bible, Unofficial Guide, Pfeiffer, Wrox, Architectural Graphic Standards, Red Hat, Capstone, Audel
Fiscal Year 2003
Global revenues advanced 26%, including acquisitions, to $369 million
Gained market share in all our key categories
Became the number one publisher in both technology and travel in the United States
Successfully integrated Hungry Minds, the largest acquisition in Wiley's history
Published 1,450 new titles worldwide
Launched, a major step in the evolution of the Architectural Graphic Standards franchise
Formed a strategic alliance with MindLeaders to extend the For Dummies brand into an online product for the corporate market
Signed a licensing agreement with Gemini Industries USA to take the For Dummies brand into a range of computer, home electronics, telephone, and gaming consumer technology products
Acquired approximately 250 teacher education titles, representing an important step toward becoming the leading publisher of high-quality resources and ready-to-use tools for school leaders and classroom instructors
Acquired 34 best-selling titles from Wrox Press, specializing in computer books for programmers
Growth Strategies Continue to build our core publishing programs
Optimize results from recent acquisitions
Seek niche acquisitions of high-quality lists
Expand our branded-program alliances and partnership relationships
Leverage our global distribution to optimize sales

Products Journals, encyclopedias, books, and online products and services in the life and medical sciences, chemistry, statistics and mathematics, electrical and electronics engineering, and telecommunications
Customers Academic and corporate librarians, serving scientists, researchers, clinicians, students, and professors worldwide
Distribution Multiple channels including library consortia, subscription agents, bookstores, online booksellers, and direct sales to customers
Key Brands/
Wiley, Wiley InterScience, Wiley-VCH, Wiley-Liss
Fiscal Year 2003
Global revenues increased 12% to $309 million
Continued to add content and functionality to our Wiley InterScience online service to meet customer needs and drive revenue growth
Experienced ongoing growth in Wiley InterScience, as the number of journal articles viewed increased by 70%
More than 60% of our journal subscription revenues are now under Wiley InterScience licenses
Continued to build our society journal program, winning publishing contracts for European Transactions in Telecommunications; Hepatology; Liver Transplantation; Pharmaceutical Statistics; and Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology, among others
Renewed or extended our publishing agreements for Cancer, the journal of the American Cancer Society; Cancer Cytopathology; American Journal of Human Biology; Annals of Neurology; Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis; Muscle & Nerve; and Teratology (renamed Birth Defects Research)
Published the 40-volume Ullman's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry, sixth edition, as well as other major reference works, online or in print, including Burger's Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery, sixth edition
Became publishing partner of The Cochrane Collaboration, delivering The Cochrane Library — covering a range of medical specialties — through Wiley InterScience; The Cochrane Collaboration encompasses 50 research groups that constantly update content to assist health care professionals in making well-informed, evidence-based decisions
Began a collaboration with Accelrys on chemistry and bioinformatics database products
Growth Strategies Accelerate the market penetration of Wiley InterScience
Expand our society journal publishing programs
Augment organic growth by acquiring more content
Include more book content in Wiley InterScience

Products Educational materials in all media, focused on courses in the sciences, geography, mathematics, engineering, and accounting, with growing positions in business, economics, computer science, psychology, education, and modern languages
Customers Undergraduate, graduate, and advanced placement students, educators, and lifelong learners worldwide
Distribution Multiple channels including college bookstores and online booksellers
Key Brands/
Wiley; Wiley/Jossey-Bass
Fiscal Year 2003
Global revenues rose 6% to $176 million
Launched our biggest frontlist ever, publishing more than 230 new and revised titles worldwide
Continued to adapt U.S. titles for global markets, such as the new Canadian edition of Kimmel: Financial Accounting: Tools for Business Decision-Making
Experienced significantly higher traffic on the Wiley Higher Education Web site, which offers online learning materials on more than 2,300 subsites to support and supplement textbooks
Generated revenue from the eGrade and Interactive Homework Edition initiatives
Acquired market-leading software Edugen, supporting our ability to develop a robust e-learning platform
Signed an agreement with XanEdu, a division of ProQuest, to develop Wiley Business Extra Select, an online custom courseware program that will enable professors to create customized business course materials
Acquired Fitzgerald Science Press titles in the life sciences
Continued to grow our Faculty Resource Network, a peer-to-peer network of faculty supporting the use of online course material tools and discipline-specific software in the classroom
Growth Strategies Continue to build our core publishing programs
Increase sales into non-college markets
Successfully execute our e-learning strategies
Expand the Wiley Custom Publishing program
Augment organic growth by acquiring more Higher Education content

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