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Block Copolymers in Nanoscience (3527313095) cover image
by Massimo Lazzari (Editor), Guojun Liu (Editor), Sebastién Lecommandoux (Editor)
November 2006, Hardcover (E-book also available)
US $261.00 Buy
Biofunctionalization of Nanomaterials (3527313818) cover image
by Challa S. S. R. Kumar (Editor)
December 2005, Hardcover
Introduction to Physical Polymer Science, 4th Edition (047170606X) cover image
by Leslie H. Sperling
December 2005, ©2006, Hardcover (E-book also available)
US $129.00 Buy
Ceramic Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology III: Proceedings of the 106th Annual Meeting of The American Ceramic Society, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA 2004 (1574981803) cover image
by Song Wei Lu (Editor), Michael Z. Hu (Editor), Yury Gogotsi (Editor)
February 2005, Paperback (E-book also available)
Ceramic Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology II (1574982036) cover image
by Mark R. Guire (Editor), Michael Z. Hu (Editor), Yury Gogotsi (Editor), Song Wei Lu (Editor)
December 2004, Paperback (E-book also available)
Indentation Techniques in Ceramic Materials Characterization: Theory and Practice (1574982125) cover image
by Ahmad G. Solomah (Editor)
January 2004, Paperback (E-book also available)
Nanocomposite Science and Technology (3527303596) cover image
by Pulickel M. Ajayan, Linda S. Schadler, Paul V. Braun
October 2003, Hardcover (E-book also available)
Polymer-Clay Nanocomposites (0471637009) cover image
by T. J. Pinnavaia (Editor), G. W. Beall (Editor)
January 2001, Hardcover
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