A Class Project

Some children and many parents have a negative view of science fair projects. The chief cause of their attitude is trying to figure out what is expected of them and how to carry out the project. Help your student discover what a meaningful project consists of as well as what is not a good project. You want them to understand why performing an overnight experiment or preparing a poster does not make a good science fair project. One way to get this learning experience is through a class science project, a unified team effort to develop one prize-winning display. Possibly each class in a grade level can work on a different topic, and final projects can be displayed at a Science Night for Parents.

If your school offers a Science Night for Parents, proud children will have the opportunity to describe the project to their parents. Parents and teachers can use this opportunity to communicate directly about the upcoming individual science fair projects. They can provide an information sheet about the due date, a list of resources for project ideas, and any other information you need the parents to know. A separate sheet with an overview of how to develop a project will be helpful.