National Civic Review: Sample Articles

National Civic Review 92:3
Should the Public Meeting Enter the Information Age? (PDF)
J. H. Snider

National Civic Review 92:2
The Healthy Communities Movement: A Time for Transformation (PDF)
Tom Wolff

From Popular to Personal Democracy (PDF)
Matthew A. Crenson

National Civic Review 92:1
America's Urban Crisis a Decade After the Los Angeles Riots (PDF)
Peter Dreier

Devotion: Declaring Our Intentions in Public Life (PDF)
Richard C. Harwood

National Civic Review 91:4
Behind Closed Doors: The Recurring Plague of Redistricting and the Politics of Geography (PDF)
Steven Hill

Taking Democracy to Scale: Creating a Town Hall Meeting for the Twenty-First Century (PDF)
Carolyn J. Lukensmeyer, Steve Brigham

National Civic Review 91:3
Social Capital and New Urbansim: Leading a Civic Horse to Water? (PDF)
Thomas H. Sander

Sprawl, Politics, and Participation: A Preliminary Analysis (PDF)
Thad Williamson

National Civic Review 91:2
Deliberative Dialogue to Expand Civic Engagement: What Kind of Talk Does Democracy Need? (PDF)
Martha L. McCoy, Patrick L. Scully

National Civic Review 91:1
An Institutionalist Perspective on Mayoral Leadership: Linking Leadership Style to Formal Structure (PDF)
Craig M. Wheeland

National Civic Review 90:4
The American Communities Movement (PDF)
John T. Kesler, Drew O'Connor

National Civic Review 90:3
Civic Renewal and the Commons of Cyberspace (PDF)
Peter Levine

National Civic Review 90:2
Federal Campaign Finance Reform: The Long and Winding Road (PDF)
Scott Harshbarger, Edwin Davis

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