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The data constructs in The Data Model Resource, Revised Edition, Volume 1 CD-ROM can be enhanced with additional industry specific constructs, using the Volume 2 Industry Downloads. These contain an electronic version of the industry data models that are in The Data Model Resource Book, Revised Edition, Volume 2. Each industry model contains electronic versions of the diagrams (in Visio and JPEG formats), reports, and SQL scripts to implement the eight industry models from Volume 2 on various database platforms (same as Volume 1:Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, or generic format). These industry models can be used to further expand the data model constructs in the Volume 1 CD-ROM by including industry applicable constructs for eight different industries.

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The Volume 2 Demo files show a sample of SQL scripts, reports, images for one diagram from a Volume 2 Industry Download, namely Figure 4.7 Health Care Delivery. These directories have subdirectories for the supported databases, for some sample reports, and for sample diagrams. The database directories such as \oracle, \sql server and \odbc do not have subdirectories for logicaldm, datawarehouse, and starschema (as does the fully licensed version), because only a sample of a logical data model diagram is provided.

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