Samples from Architectural Graphic Standards

Since 1932, Architectural Graphic Standards has been referred to as the "architect's bible." From site excavation to structures to roofs, this book is the first place architect's look when confronted with a question about building design. With more than 8,000 architectural illustrations, including both reference drawings and constructible architectural details, this book provides an easily accessible graphic reference for highly visual professionals. You can download some of these graphics, both sample pages and architectural details, below. All are PDFs so you'll need Adobe Acrobat.

Sample Pages*
Renovated Office Building (PDF)
Exterior Enclosure 1 (PDF)
Exterior Enclosure 2 (PDF)
Roofing (PDF)
Design Considerations (PDF)
Interior Construction (PDF)
Stairs 1 (PDF)
Stairs 2 (PDF)
Stairs 3 (PDF)
Architectural Woodwork (PDF)

Sustainable Design Details
Light Shelf (PDF)
Graywater System (PDF)
Straw Bale Construction (PDF)
Energy Saving System (PDF)
Pollutant Control System (PDF)

Universal Design Details
Stair Lift or Platform Stair (PDF)
Stair Life Chair or Platform Chair (PDF)
Manual Wheelchair (PDF)
Racing Wheelchair (PDF)
Bathroom Layouts (PDF)

* Please note that these pages have not yet been proofread.

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