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Antenna Theory (12)

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Modern Lens Antennas for Communications Engineering (1118010655) cover image
by John Thornton, Kao-Cheng Huang
April 2013, Hardcover, Wiley-IEEE Press
US $133.00 Buy
The Theory of Scintillation with Applications in Remote Sensing (047064477X) cover image
by Charles Rino
January 2011, Hardcover, Wiley-IEEE Press
Antenna Arrays: A Computational Approach (0470407751) cover image
by Randy L. Haupt
April 2010, Hardcover, Wiley-IEEE Press
Advances in Multiuser Detection (0471779717) cover image
by Michael L. Honig
August 2009, Hardcover, Wiley-IEEE Press
US $160.00 Buy
Finite Element Analysis of Antennas and Arrays (0470401281) cover image
by Jian-Ming Jin, Douglas J. Riley
December 2008, Hardcover, Wiley-IEEE Press
US $162.00 Buy
Reflectarray Antennas (047008491X) cover image
by John Huang, Jose Antonio Encinar
October 2007, Hardcover, Wiley-IEEE Press
Modern Antenna Design, 2nd Edition (0471457760) cover image
by Thomas A. Milligan
July 2005, Hardcover, Wiley-IEEE Press
Radar Signals (0471473782) cover image
by Nadav Levanon, Eli Mozeson
July 2004, Hardcover, Wiley-IEEE Press
Finite Antenna Arrays and FSS (0471273058) cover image
by Ben A. Munk
July 2003, Hardcover, Wiley-IEEE Press
Antenna Theory & Design, Revised Edition (0471449962) cover image
by Robert S. Elliott
January 2003, Hardcover, Wiley-IEEE Press
Adaptive Antennas for Wireless Communications (0780360168) cover image
by George V. Tsoulos (Editor)
January 2001, Paperback, Wiley-IEEE Press
Microstrip Antennas: The Analysis and Design of Microstrip Antennas and Arrays (0780310780) cover image
by David M. Pozar (Editor), Daniel H. Schaubert (Editor)
May 1995, Paperback, Wiley-IEEE Press