A Career in Publishing

As one of the world's largest publishers of print, online, and digital content solutions for research, education, and professional practice, Wiley continually expands its offerings to include content-enabled products and services that meet the digital needs of our customers and their communities. Key areas of employment include:

  • Product Development/Editorial: Acquiring content and developing it into books, journals, assessments, e-learning solutions, workflow tools, and other traditional and digital solutions
  • Business Development: Identifying and pursuing opportunities to expand our business by enhancing our products and services and/or increasing our customer base, including through acquisitions and partnerships
  • Content Management: Managing projects that transform raw content into a wide variety of finished products, both traditional and digital
  • Marketing and Product Management: Contributing to the promotion of Wiley content and services through market research, market planning, traditional and social media outreach, and direct marketing
  • Sales: Selling products and services through a wide range of channels — from individual instructors to corporate and government entities
  • Information Technology: Developing digital products and serving the technology, enterprise applications, and telecommunications needs of the company
  • Finance, Human Resources, Legal: Supporting company-wide operations through specialized expertise in these areas

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