A Career In Publishing

Wiley's entry-level positions can provide you with an opportunity to train with top-level publishing professionals. These positions provide an ideal springboard to professional and managerial careers.


Work with experienced editors in the acquisition and development of college textbooks, professional, scientific, and trade books, journals, newsletters, and electronic products. Interact with authors, reviewers, and our sales, marketing, and production departments.


Monitor book, journal, or electronic publication production schedules. Interact with authors, compositors, printers, proofreaders, copyeditors, designers, illustrators, and photo-researchers. Learn about the printing process, desktop publishing, and electronic product development.

Media Development

Media Development is responsible for the project management, development, production and quality assurance of electronic products created for the college textbook, professional, trade, or scientific, technical, medical and scholarly markets. This work includes both the creation of standalone application-based software, as well as ancillary electronic products packaged with or sold as part of a book.


Coordinate activities associated with development and promotion through market research, market planning, advertising, direct mail, and online marketing campaigns.


Sell Wiley products to bookstores, libraries, universities, corporations, online accounts, and government agencies as a sales representative. Manage resources and service accounts within an assigned territory. Assist editors in securing the best possible authors.

Subsidiary Rights

Support the licensing of digital, translation, and other rights such as audio, paperback, and book club to increase the visibility of Wiley products locally and around the world. Learn marketing principles, sales techniques, contracts, and editorial judgment.


Publicize Wiley and its products. Become involved in planning media events and author tours, and distributing press releases and media kits.

Information Technology

Service the information and telecommunications needs of the company through the maintenance and development of state-of-the-art computer and telecommunications systems.


Provide financial and administrative support by becoming involved in financial planning, reporting, inventory management, accounting, and subscription fulfillment functions.

Copyright and Permissions

Respond to requests to duplicate John Wiley & Sons, Inc. publications to ensure copyright protection. Utilize research skills and gain knowledge of copyright laws.

Who does Wiley look for?

Candidates for entry-level positions should have (not always required) a recent undergraduate degree and ideally have previous office experience through a part-time position or internship. We seek individuals who possess strong communication and organization skills and are computer-literate.

Professional Development

John Wiley & Sons, Inc. encourages colleagues to continue their professional development by providing:

  • In-house workshops geared toward self-development, continuous improvement, and improving technological competence
  • Customized training and facilitation for departments and teams
  • Support to attend external seminars and conferences
  • Tuition reimbursement to enhance position performance and prepare for broader/increased responsibilities
  • Position enhancement or enrichment through task force participation, short-term assignments, position shadowing and position rotation or exchange
  • One-on-one coaching for "leaders" at all levels