U.S. Sales Contacts

If you are...

A college bookstore, a professor, an instructor, or work in higher education
Locate your college or university representative at the Who's My Rep page:

A general retail bookseller
For US retail booksellers, contact Wiley Customer Care at (877) 762-2974 or custserv@wiley.com. For retailers outside of the United States, please see our International Sales Contacts.

An exclusively online bookseller
Contact Kerry Porter at 1-201-748-8801or kporter@wiley.com in our Online Sales department.

A corporation, librarian, library representative, nonprofit organization, reseller (not a store), specialty retail distributor, trainer, training company/consultant, or other

Contact Wiley Customer Care at (877) 762-2974 or custserv@wiley.com.

Purchasing for Local, State or Federal Government
Contact John Skinner at 1-317-572-3203 or jskinner@wiley.com.

Purchasing for a K - 12 School or School District
Contact the Wiley High School Solutions Group at 1-855-827-4630 or WileyHSAP@wiley.com.

A Wiley Author (purchasing copies of their your books)
Contact Jeff Gould at 1-201-748-6306 or authorsales@wiley.com