Wholesalers Cooperative Advertising Policy


John Wiley & Sons, Inc., (“JWS”) is pleased to offer a cooperative advertising allowance (“CAA”) to our wholesaler customers. These policies pertain to all frontlist and backlist titles published by JWS except where noted below. In order to qualify for CAA funds, you must sign and return a Cooperative Advertising Allowance Program Wholesaler Agreement to your JWS sales representative prior to scheduling a promotion/advertisement for which you wish to claim CAA funds. The wholesaler must have authorization from the appropriate JWS representative with a signed JWS CAA Program Contract before an ad or promotion is scheduled. You must maintain good credit standing during the year and respond promptly to credit communications—otherwise, approval for claims for CAA funds may be withheld until your credit standing is improved. JWS reserves the right to amend this policy at any time.

How CAA Funds May Be Earned:

The JWS cooperative advertising plan year runs May 1 through April 30. (“Plan Year”)

  • Earned funds are calculated as 1.25% of net purchases for all JWS titles purchased during the prior year (May 1 through April 30.) No more than 0.25% may be used for microfiche and catalog line listings.
  • JWS reserves the right to supplement CAA funds with designated title CAA funds; your JWS sales representative will announce such supplements.

Net purchases are defined as gross purchases less returns. Titles purchased through the Wiley Print-On-Demand program or from the Merck product line (see JWS account manager for title list) are not eligible to earn cooperative advertising funds.

How CAA Funds May Be Spent:

JWS encourages wholesalers to spend CAA funds on creative and reasonable promotions designed to reach retailers. You should work with your JWS sales representative to develop and approve these promotions. All promotional activity using CAA funds must include signed approval of the appropriate JWS representative, which must also include completion of the JWS CAA Program contract. In general, CAA funds are used for space advertising in catalogs and other advertising media, for microfiche, and in catalog line listings. Your JWS sales representative must approve titles selected for promotion in advance. In addition, titles must be illustrated and/or adequately described. Proper use of JWS’s trademarks and trade dress is mandatory in order to qualify for CAA funds. Please contact JWS’s Legal Review with any questions about usage.

When CAA Funds May Be Spent:

Promotional activity using plan year CAA funds must be completed no later than April 30 for that plan year. If a wholesaler had a negative balance at the end of the prior plan year, that negative balance will be carried over and applied to the CAA funds available in the new plan year. However, no unused funds from a prior plan year may be carried forward for use in the next plan year.

Submitting CAA Claims/CAA Program Reimbursement:

Appropriate documentation must be submitted as proof of advertising and total cost within 60 days of the run date/end date of the promotion/advertisement. For print ads, the claim must be accompanied by a full-page tear sheet of each ad and the publication’s invoice showing the wholesaler’s actual net space costs at the local rate, including rebates. For catalogs, etc., the claim must be accompanied by a copy of the actual catalog and the wholesaler’s statement as to the number of catalogs and the actual net cost of the advertisement of the book within. For microfiche/online advertising, a printed copy of the page view must be submitted with the claim. A listing of each JWS title individually with ISBNs that is included in the space advertisement, catalog listing, or microfiche/online listing must be submitted along with a copy of the JWS CAA Program Contract.

After all of the applicable documentation is received for an approved claim, you will be promptly credited up to 100% of the actual net time or space costs of the advertisement/promotion, not to exceed the maximum CAA funds accrued, for eligible titles only. Documentation for a claim must be made no later than 60 days following completion of the promotional activity. Any documentation received after that date will no longer be accepted for reimbursement. Reimbursement will be in the form of an issued credit that references the CAA Program Contract number. All invoices that do not reference the CAA Program Contract number will not be credited. No deductions may be made from invoices or statements.

Submit all documentation to:

John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Attn: Cooperative Advertising Department
111 River Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030

Download a PDF version of this Wholesalers Cooperative Advertising Policy, which also includes our Cooperative Advertising Allowance Program Wholesaler Agreement.