Microsoft Official Academic Course

We have created a document to help walk you through the activation and installation process. It will walk you through the one-time activation and installation process, and also show you how to login to Certiprep in the future.

Please make sure you have the Certiprep Activation envelope and the enclosed card (that were bundled with your book) before you begin this process – you will need information off that card to complete the activation process.

Certiprep Activation and Installation guidelines

As part of your MOAC/Certiprep purchase, Wiley, Microsoft and Certiport have teamed up to offer you a 20% discount on an exam certification. To find out more about this terrific offer (and about how having an MOS certification can set you apart from other job applicants), go to the following page:




Technical Support

Certiport, the company that created Certiprep, has several ways you can access troubleshooting information for a wide variety of common problems by visiting\CertiprepReadNow

If you encounter problems you cannot resolve, please contact Certiport eSupport:


You can also reach Certiport support via phone at 1-888-222-7890 (U.S. & Canada).