The Healthcare Industry

Blackwell Publishing was acquired by John Wiley & Sons in February 2007. Together, these two companies publish more than 1,400 scholarly, peer-reviewed journals and an extensive collection of books with global appeal. Blackwell's publishing program is being merged with Wiley's global Scientific, Technical and Medical business to form Wiley-Blackwell.

Setting the Standard

The Wiley-Blackwell portfolio boasts a wide range of authoritative literature to drive the developments of tomorrow. Wiley-Blackwell publishes both controlled circulation and subscription-based publications, many in association with pre-eminent society partners.

Wiley-Blackwell offers a professional and seamless publishing service, providing a broad portfolio of highly-respected books and journals in specialized subject areas.

More than 30% of our journals are ranked in the top 25% of their respective Impact Factor category, and many of our books – more than 1,000 titles published annually – have become the core text in their field.

Society Standing

Wiley-Blackwell is firmly established as the world's leading society publisher, with around two-thirds of journals published on behalf of such prestigious societies as the British Association of Critical Care Nurses, American Cancer Society and the Royal Australia and New Zealand College of Surgeons.

We have gained the respect of the world's foremost learned and professional societies. This network of esteemed authors, editors and societies, combined with the integrity with which we strive to work, drives our success as a global publisher.

Amidst recent advances in the rapidly-changing publishing arena, Wiley-Blackwell has remained at the forefront of change and innovation. We take pride in exceeding the expectations of our customers, with a dedication to extend the value and discoverability of content through investments in digital publishing.

Global Corporate Sales

Wherever you are in the world, our global team is ready to help shape your brand strategy.

Chichester, UK
Oxford, UK
Berlin, Germany
Weinheim, Germany
Copenhagen, Denmark

North America
Hoboken, USA
Malden, USA

Melbourne, Australia

Tokyo, Japan
Shanghai, China

Wiley-Blackwell Corporate Sales Key Subject Areas Include:
Food and Nutrition
Veterinary Medicine
Pharmaceutical Industry Support — including Pharmafile, Pharmafocus and InPharm.com

Please contact corporate sales at corporatesales@wiley.co.uk for further details.

Industry Support

Our Global Corporate Sales Team of more than 100 people is dedicated to serving the publishing and communication needs of your industry. Through our extensive range of clinical and professional publications, we can develop a customized communications plan to support your promotional strategy, maximizing the impact of your brand.

Whether you are looking for global or localized campaigns, for strategic or tactical support, our publishing teams are knowledgeable at all levels and are easy to reach in your time zone by phone, email or in person.

We provide an expert service, competitive pricing, dedicated project management and the flexibility to provide peer-reviewed support for your brand from pre-launch to maturity, achieving strong credibility.

Wiley-Blackwell provides a wide range of communication solutions, including:

  1. Reprints
    Reprints are a highly credible way to capture content from peer-reviewed journals, books, major reference works and evidence-based medicine publications — including the Cochrane Library — in both digital and print formats. Reprints are easy to use for both your sales teams and your customers, and Wiley-Blackwell provides additional services to maximize their effectiveness.
    • Proactive alerting: We identify papers from our journals that relate to your product and keep you informed of new papers.
    • Enhanced reprint services: We can cement brand awareness by including product information, logos and advertisements.
    • Worldwide presence: We provide translation services to deliver content in local languages, extending the reach of quality clinical and professional content.
    • Secure ePrint service: We can customize ePrints to suit any need, from posting high-resolution PDF files on company websites to mobile applications.
  2. Advertising
    Journals provide instant, effective communication with practitioners and are therefore a highly successful and cost-effective channel for delivering a targeted message. With high average issue readership in many of our journals, your advertising will reach a large percentage of journal readers.
    Talk to our advertising teams about proactive ideas to maximize the impact of your advertising including:
    • Full color or black and white display advertising in a variety of sizes
    • Special positions can be booked in advance
    • Inclusion or exclusion of geographical regions
    • Bound inserts, bellybands, bookmarks, reply paid cards or loose inserts.
  3. Online advertising
    In 2006, Wiley-Blackwell's online platforms, InterScience and Synergy, attracted more than 90 million full-text article downloads. Online advertising is therefore one of the most cost-effective and immediate ways to introduce a brand message.
    Online advertising with Wiley-Blackwell allows you to:
    • Prominently display your banner on pages that will be visited regularly by your potential customers
    • Achieve targeted and interactive marketing by segmenting your target audiences.
    • Learn more about your targets with unrivalled lead retrieval opportunities
  4. Supplements
    Market research shows that using a sponsored supplement as part of a communication plan both increases the visibility of your brand, and positively connects your product with progressive research in the related subject area. Supplements can be produced on paper, CD-ROM or online and are all editorially independent and peer-reviewed.
    While supplements are mailed to the circulation of the respective journal, we can provide additional over-runs for further distribution to a wider mix of target audiences.
  5. Sponsored Subscriptions and Books
    Journals and books are the most effective method for practitioners to keep up to date in their specialty field. For example, in the medical field, 93% of GPs and 95% of hospital doctors find journals useful. Sponsoring subscriptions or book copies is an excellent way of supporting practitioners through their continuing professional development. Sponsored products can carry a company logo on a banner band, compliment slips or leaflets. We can provide a bulk mailing service and deliver to anywhere in the world.
  6. Custom Books and Journals
    To meet your precise educational needs, Wiley-Blackwell can provide a dedicated editorial team to produce a unique custom book or journal, in print and digital formats, to meet your exact requirements in all languages. We will liaise with you at every stage of development to ensure your involvement in decisions about authors, content and design, to produce a tailored publication to meet your individual needs.
  7. Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
    Driven by our breadth of clinical and professional content, we are committed to supporting practitioners with their continuing professional development.
    We develop and deliver accredited CPD via traditional and online routes. We run conferences and training schemes in a variety of subject areas, with various opportunities to showcase your company profile.
    Our e-learning platform is a flexible and powerful online tool that can be adapted for use in every clinical and professional area. The system provides trainers and tutors with an integrated suite of resources via an easy-to-use website. The platform can be enhanced with key book and journal content to produce distance learning material for external customers or internal staff.
    We understand that knowledge is the key to a successful team and we also provide industry teams with essential information via newsletters and conferences. Our experienced team can offer training in particular subject areas, as well as ‘soft skills' training.
  8. Advisory Boards and Meetings
    We are ideally positioned to establish advisory boards to provide direction on issues surrounding new products or developing brands. We draw on our close relationships with industry leaders, together with our authors and editors, to ensure a representative and valuable result.
    We can also develop peer-reviewed meeting programs in association with our journal brands to provide added credibility and an additional lure for audiences.