About the CD-ROM

About the CD-ROM

Wiley CulinarE-Companion™ is filled with pedagogical tools that enhance the new edition of Professional Baking. It includes all main formulas from the text, with options for modifying and working with them as professionals do on the job.

Some Key Features of the CD-ROM:

  • Resize and print recipes and formulas.
  • Modify procedures, ingredients, quantities, and more.
  • Calculate nutritional values for recipes—values are updated automatically to reflect changes in ingredients or quantities.

Create shopping lists automatically from recipe and formula ingredients or generate a master shopping list from multiple recipes and formulas. No extra calculations necessary! Wiley CulinarE-Companion™ does all the math.


Software Preview

To view a demo of CulinarE-Companion™ for Professional Baking, go to www.wiley.com/go/gisslenprobaking.


Wiley CulinarE-Companion™ FAQs

General FAQs

1.     Is Wiley CulinarE-Companion™ both a PC- and Macintosh-compatible?
Answer: Wiley CulinarE-Companion™ is PC-compatible only.

2.     Does the CD-ROM need to remain in the CD-ROM drive in order to run Wiley CulinarE-Companion™?
Answer: No, once the software is installed, you do not need the CD-ROM again.

3.     How do I uninstall Wiley CulinarE-Companion™?
Answer: To uninstall Wiley CulinarE-Companion™ simply go to the Start Menu. From Programs select Wiley CulinarE-Companion™and click on Uninstall Wiley CulinarE-Companion™.


Formula FAQs

4.     I'd like to modify a recipe on the software? Is this possible?
Answer: To modify an original recipe from Professional Baking, open the recipe and click on the Edit button at the top of bottom right of the screen. You must give the recipe a new name and Author. You can then make any modifications to the recipe. Once you have made all the modifications, click on the Save button at the top or bottom right of the screen.

5.     How do I rescale a recipe?
Answer: Each recipe can be easily rescaled. Simply click on the Double Recipe or Halve Recipe link found under Portion Size of each recipe screen, or enter in the value you want for rescaling and click on the arrow to the right of the field.

6.     I rescaled a recipe. I want to return to the original yield and number of portions, but I don't remember what they were. How can I figure this out?
Answer: This is easy to do. Simply click on the Full Recipe link found under the Portion Size of each recipe screen. The recipe will revert to the original scale.

7.     Are the recipes available in metric measurements?
Answer: Yes. Simply click on the Metric link found at the top of the recipe page and the ingredient units will change to metric and the ingredient amounts will be adjusted to the proper quantity.

8.     How can I review the nutritional values involved in a recipe?
Answer: Within the Recipe frame is a tab for Nutrition. Simply click on the Nutrition to see nutritional values for the recipe.

9.     Are photos of the recipes available on the software?
Answer: Yes, selected photos are available. You can check under the Images tab when you are in a recipe screen. Additionally, you can upload your own images to the software as well by clicking on the Add Image link by the recipe procedure box and following the instructions.

10.   How many new recipes can be added to Wiley CulinarE-Companion™?
Answer: There is no limit to the number of recipes you can add to Wiley CulinarE-Companion™.

11.   How do I add a new recipe?
Answer: To add a new recipe, click on the Recipe tab at the top of the page. From the menu that appears, select Add Recipe. You can begin to manually enter a recipe by naming the recipe and indicating the recipe author. Populate the Ingredients section by clicking on the Add Ingredient link. You can also type in (or copy and paste from another document) the Procedures, Notes, and Variations. Once you have included all the information you want, you must click on the Save button found at the top and bottom right of the screen.

12.   After adding a new recipe and reviewing the nutritional values, certain ingredients are not indicated as not being included. Why is this?
Answer: A specific unit of measurement must be included for an ingredient to be included in the analysis. An ingredient that is measured "to taste" or "as needed," for example, does not provide enough information to allow for cost or nutritional values.

13.   Each recipe has been given one or more categories (French, Bread, Chocolate, etc.). How do I adjust the categories to one of the recipes or assign categories to a recipe I've added?
Answer: Creating or changing recipe categories is very easy to do. When you have the recipe you want adjusted open, click on the "About This Recipe" tab in the recipe screen. From About This Recipe, you can select any category, ingredient and method for the recipe. Multiple categories, ingredients and methods can be assigned to a recipe. If there is a category, ingredient or method missing, click on the Edit link in the appropriate box and enter a new option. Be sure to put a checkmark in the box for the new entry you made.

14.   How do I print a recipe?
Answer: There are several ways to print recipes. To print a single recipe, you can either put a check in the box next to the recipe from the recipe list page, and then click on the Print button at the bottom of the page. Or you can be in the recipe itself and click on the Print button at the top or bottom right of the page. Once you click on the Print button, you can customize the information you want printed as well as what format you want the recipe printed in before clicking on the Print icon in the customization window.

To print multiple recipes, you must be in the recipe list page. Place a checkmark in the boxes next to the recipes you want to print. Then click on the Print button at the bottom of the page. You can customize the information you want printed as well as what format you want the recipe printed in before clicking on the Print icon in the customization window.

15.   How do I create a Shopping List?
Answer: From the recipe screen, click the Add to Shopping List button found at the top or bottom right of the screen. In the window that opens, select a shopping list or create a new shopping list in which to add the recipe. Click on Save to save the recipe to the shopping list.

16.   Can I create a Shopping List to include more than one recipe?
Answer: Yes. You can save as many recipes as you choose to a shopping list. You can do this by following the instructions in #15 above, or by putting a checkmark in the box next to the recipes you want on the recipe list page, clicking on the Add to Shopping List button at the bottom of the page, and selecting or create a new shopping list from the popup window.

17.   How do I email a recipe to someone?
Answer: Open the recipe you want to email. Click the Email button found at the top or bottom right of the page. From the window that appears, check off all the recipe components you want to be included in your email. Recipes can be emailed as either .txt or .pdf files. Select the method you want and then click on the Email button. If you use Internet Explorer you will need to follow the prompts and save the file to you computer. Once you've saved the file to your computer, you can attach the file to the email you want to send. If you use Netscape, the file is automatically saved to your computer and you can attach it to the email you want to send.

Note that the .txt or .pdf file you selected is saved as a WinZip file.

18.   Can I import a recipe into Wiley CulinarE-Companion™?
Answer: Yes, a recipe can be imported into Wiley CulinarE-Companion™ using specific guidelines. From the Recipes tab at the top of the page, select Import Recipes from the menu that drops down. From the Import Recipe screen, you must first save the Import Template to you computer. The file that is saved is a simple Notepad file. Open the Notepad file and read the instructions in the first line of the document. You can then begin populating the fields in the import template, either by typing in the recipe information, or cutting and pasting from another document. Once you have included all the recipe information and saved (or use Save As and rename the template) the file, return to the Import Recipe page of the software. Select "Browse" button to locate the recipe on your computer, and then click "Import Recipe." The recipe will be imported into the program and you can make any necessary edits.

19.   How do I create new Cookbooks in Wiley CulinarE-Companion™?
Answer: It is best to assign any new recipes or modified Professional Baking recipes to a cookbook. The Professional baking cookbook cannot be added to or deleted so to create a new cookbook, select Add New Cookbook from the pull-down menu on the Recipes tab. Give the new Cookbook a name and author and then click on the Add New Book button at the bottom of the page. Your new cookbook is now part of your program. You can add recipes to this cookbook by opening the recipe and selecting the About This Recipe tab. Put a checkmark in the box next to the Cookbook you want to add the recipe to and click on the Save button just below the Methods box. That recipe is now part of that cookbook.

A new cookbook can also be created from the About This Recipe screen in an individual recipe. Click on the Add New Cookbook link in the Cookbooks box on this page and follow the same instructions as in the paragraph above.

A great feature of Wiley CulinarE-Companion™ is that recipes can be assigned to more than one cookbook.

20.   Can I add ingredients to Wiley CulinarE-Companion™ that are not part of the ingredient list?
Answer: You can add as many new ingredients to the program as you wish. From the Recipes tab, select Ingredients from the pull down menu. To add an ingredient, slick on the Add New Ingredient button at the top or bottom right of the page. Enter the new ingredient name. If there is another ingredient that has the same or similar nutritional information, find that ingredient from the list on the left and click the ingredient name. the nutritional fields will change to include this nutritional information. You can make any changes to individual nutrient information by deleting the information in the field and typing in the new information. Additionally, there is a link to the USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory where you can search for ingredient nutritional information. Once you have entered in all the information, click on Save from the top or bottom right of the screen and this ingredient will be included in the Wiley CulinarE-Companion™ ingredient database.