Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a general question regarding WileyCPE, please send an email to

Subscription Questions
CEU Questions
General Questions
Technical Questions

Subscription Questions

Do you offer group or corporate discounts?
Yes, please send an email to to inquire about our group or corporate discounts on WileyCPE courses.

CEU Questions

How do I receive my credits?
You will receive a certificate upon successful completion of a WileyCPE course  that you can send to your licensing body.  If you are an AIA member, your records are automatically sent to the AIA records office based on the information you provided at registration.

What if I lose my certificate?
You have access to a certificate for one year after successful completion of a course.  You can receive a copy of any certificate for a course you have passed after one year by calling (949) 480-1029 x707 (Mon-Fri 9-5pm PST) or by sending an email request to

How do I know if my state has mandatory continuing education requirements or if learning units from a WileyCPE course will be accepted by my state licensing board?
Requirements vary from state to state and you should check with your state licensing board for any distance education restrictions.
  • Architects, click here to find out about your state's requirements.
  • Interior Designers, click here to find out about your state's requirements.
  • Landscape Architects, click here to find out about your state's requirements.
Is WileyCPE an AIA approved Provider?
Yes, WileyCPE is an AIA approved provider.

How can I provide feedback to WileyCPE?
You can provide feedback to WileyCPE by sending an email to

General Questions

How can I contact a course author?
You can submit proposed questions to author by sending an email to or by completing the form found here. Questions will be selectively sent to authors and answered in the author's corner of or in the Q&A's featured in the WileyCPE newsletter.  Check back often to see if your question has been answered.

How do I sign up for the WileyCPE newsletter?
You can sign up for the WileyCPE newsletter by going here.

How can I suggest ideas for additional courses?
We welcome your feedback on our current course offerings and ideas for future courses.  Please send us an email at

Do I have another chance to take an exam if I fail on the first attempt?
Yes, you have 3 chances to successfully pass an exam for all WileyCPE courses.

How do I get payment confirmation?
Payment confirmation will be sent to the email you entered or provided during the purchase of your WileyCPE course. If you do not receive or misplace that email confirmation you can contact Wiley Customer Care directly by telephone (1-877-762-2974) , or through our Customer Support Web site at Please have your order number(s) available for faster service.

How long will I have access to a WileyCPE course that I have purchased?
You will have access to a purchased WileyCPE course for 30 days.  You will be sent an email reminder 1 week before your WileyCPE access to a course is set to expire.

What is a Redemption Code?
If you have purchased a WileyCPE Course and Book Bundle, you will receive a Redemption Code on the inside back cover of the book which you will use to access your WileyCPE course. Please go here to activate your Redemption Code.

What is a PIN?
Once you have purchased a product or products from the Wiley shopping cart or with a sales representative, you will be sent an email notification that details your purchase and provides you with PIN(s) to access your course(s). If this is your first time purchasing a WileyCPE course, then please go here to enter your PIN(s) and click the "Activate" button. You will then be asked follow the registration process.If you are already a registered WileyCPE user, you should login first by entering your username and password on the homepage and then clicking on the "Enter PIN" link on the left side of your Product Home page. From there you can enter your PIN(s) and click the "Active" button to access your course(s).

Can I track my PIN(s) online?
If you have a Wiley account you can track your PIN(s) online. Please go to and click on “My Account” located at the top right of your screen. Click on the “Order History” button and then on the “Order Number” link. You will be able to track your PIN usage by clicking on the PIN link at the bottom of the screen.

What are my payment options for purchasing a course from WileyCPE?
WileyCPE accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

If I am an AIA member, how long after I take a course are my hours reported to the AIA?
WileyCPE sends exam results for all passed courses on a weekly basis to be processed and entered by the AIA/CES records office.

What is a passing score for a WileyCPE exam?
As per AIA/CES guidelines, a passing score for a WileyCPE exam is 80%. The number of questions varies and is dependent on the length of the course and the CEU's being earned.

Can I download a course?
Yes, each WileyCPE course is available to download in a PDF format to be saved or printed as a reference. The PDF includes all text, images, captions and audio transcripts. Please note that the exam is not included; and you must go online to complete the course and earn CEU credit.

Technical Questions

How do I get technical help?
Click here to contact Customer Support.

What are the computer and software requirements to view online courses?
     PC Requirements:
       Windows 98 or later
       Flash Player 7.0 or higher
       Monitor: 800x600 pixel resolution recommended
       Connection: Internet service and 56K modem minimum
       Browser: Internet Explorer 5.0 or above, Firefox 1.0 or above
       Adobe Acrobat 6.0 or higher
     MAC Requirements:
       MAC OS 10 or later
       Flash Player 7.0 or higher
       Monitor: 800x600 pixel resolution recommended
       Connection: Internet service and 56K modem minimum
       Browser: Firefox 1.0 or above.  Please note: Safari is not supported
       Adobe Acrobat 6.0 or higher

What is Wiley's Privacy Policy?
Click here for information about Wiley's Privacy Policy.