About WileyCPE

WileyCPE is an online continuing education system created specifically for the A/E/C community.  Our online courses, approved by the American Institute of Architects and the American Society of Landscape Architects, provide you with high-quality content from a source you trust.    

WileyCPE Features

  • 24-hour access to courses covering a range of timely topics, including many that meet HSW and Sustainable Design requirements
  • Authors who are industry experts
  • Immediate feedback on exam results and access to certificates of successful completion
  • Plentiful illustrations that can be readily enlarged for greater viewing clarity
  • Practice questions to help you stay engaged throughout the course and prepare you for the kinds of questions you will encounter in the final exam
  • Audio clips, pop-up definitions, and bonus information supplement the course material and enrich your educational experience
  • Resources section for each course that offers information on related books, articles, websites, and more
  • Ability to generate a print copy of the course, giving you a valuable takeaway
  • Course management and transcript sections that allow you to conveniently monitor your courses and exam activity
  • Sign-up option for a complimentary newsletter that provides supplementary information on course topics as well as answers from our "Ask the Author" feature
  • Automatic credit reporting to the University of Oklahoma for AIA members who provide their registration number

Easy to Get Started

If you are new to our site or have not yet purchased a course, you can browse course offerings and information about our authors.  If you are a returning customer who has already purchased a course you can browse through the latest additions to our course offerings or log in using the user name and password you used to register.  Course access is available for an additional 30 days after purchase; an email reminder will be sent to you one week before the expiration of your course.  

Easy to Use

WileyCPE courses are designed to make your educational experience easy and satisfying.  A highly visual navigational system shows your progress within a course and allows you to return to previously viewed pages.  Clearly marked buttons and icons will guide you through page advancement, bonus material, audio clips, practice questions, and resources.  View our product demo to see for yourself.