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Designing Brand Identity: An Essential Guide for the Whole Branding Team, 5th Edition (1118980824) cover image
by Alina Wheeler, Debbie Millman (Foreword by)
October 2017
Typographic Design: Form and Communication, 7th Edition (1119312566) cover image
by Rob Carter, Mark Sanders, Sandra Maxa
February 2018
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A Typographic Workbook: A Primer to History, Techniques, and Artistry, 2nd Edition (0471696900) cover image
by Kate Clair, Cynthia Busic-Snyder
August 2005, Paperback (E-book also available)
US $50.00 Buy
Design for Communication: Conceptual Graphic Design Basics (0471418293) cover image
by Elizabeth Resnick
June 2003, Paperback
US $65.00 Buy
The Guild Handbook of Scientific Illustration, 2nd Edition (0471360112) cover image
by Elaine R. S. Hodges (Editor)
May 2003, Hardcover
US $199.00 Buy
Atlas of Foreshortening: The Human Figure in Deep Perspective, 2nd Edition (0471396966) cover image
by John Cody, Ron Tribell
March 2002, Paperback
US $55.00 Buy
The Measure of Man and Woman: Human Factors in Design, Revised Edition (0471099554) cover image
by Alvin R. Tilley, Henry Dreyfuss Associates
December 2001, Hardcover
US $80.00 Buy
Digital Creativity: Techniques for Digital Media and the Internet (0471390577) cover image
by Bruce Wands
June 2001, Paperback
US $85.00 Buy
Design Paradigms: A Sourcebook for Creative Visualization (0471299766) cover image
by Warren K. Wake
March 2000, Paperback
Graphic Design on the Desktop: A Guide for the Non-Designer, 2nd Edition (0471293075) cover image
by Marcelle Lapow Toor
August 1998, Paperback
US $45.00 Buy
The Desktop Designer's Illustration Handbook (0471286958) cover image
by Marcelle Lapow Toor
June 1996, Paperback
US $29.95 Buy
Newsletter Design: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creative Publications (0471285927) cover image
by Edward A. Hamilton
October 1995, Paperback
Typographic Specimens: The Great Typefaces (0471284297) cover image
by Philip B. Meggs, Rob Carter
December 1993, Paperback
US $55.00 Buy
Principles of Form and Design (0471285528) cover image
by Wucius Wong
September 1993, Paperback
US $55.00 Buy
Typographic Milestones (0471288942) cover image
by Allan Haley
September 1992, Paperback
Corporate Identity Design (0471289477) cover image
by Veronica Napoles
November 1987, Paperback
Principles of Two-Dimensional Design (0471289604) cover image
by Wucius Wong
December 1972, Paperback
US $45.00 Buy