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Organization Development at Work: Conversations on the Values, Applications, and Future of OD  (078796963X) cover image
by Margaret Wheatley, Robert Tannenbaum, Paula Yardley Griffin, Kristine Quade, National OD Network
August 2003, Paperback, Pfeiffer (E-book also available)
Life Balance: How to Convert Professional Success into Personal Happiness (0787955094) cover image
by Alan Weiss
April 2003, Paperback, Pfeiffer (E-book also available)
Making Rain: The Secrets of Building Lifelong Client Loyalty (0471264598) cover image
by Andrew Sobel
January 2003, Hardcover (E-book also available)
Great Consulting Challenges: And How to Surmount Them  (0787955108) cover image
by Alan Weiss
December 2002, Hardcover, Pfeiffer
The Philosophic Consultant: Revolutionizing Organizations with Ideas (0787962481) cover image
by Peter Koestenbaum
October 2002, Paperback, Pfeiffer
Consulting to Family Businesses: Contracting, Assessment, and Implementation (078796249X) cover image
by Jane Hilburt-Davis, William G. Dyer
September 2002, Paperback, Pfeiffer
The Innovation Equation: Building Creativity and Risk-Taking in Your Organization (0787962503) cover image
by Jacqueline Byrd, Paul Lockwood Brown
September 2002, Paperback, Pfeiffer
Beyond Change Management: Advanced Strategies for Today's Transformational Leaders (0787959227) cover image
by Dean Anderson, Linda Ackerman Anderson
February 2002, E-book, Pfeiffer
The 2002 Annual, Volume 2, Consulting  (0787959626) cover image
by Elaine Biech
November 2001, Paperback, Pfeiffer
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The Consultant's Calling: Bringing Who You Are to What You Do, New and Revised Edition (0787958476) cover image
by Geoffrey M. Bellman
October 2001, Paperback, Jossey-Bass
Management Consulting: A Complete Guide to the Industry, 2nd Edition (0471444014) cover image
by Sugata Biswas, Daryl Twitchell
October 2001, Hardcover
The Conscious Consultant: Mastering Change from the Inside Out (0787958808) cover image
by Kristine Quade, Renee M. Brown
September 2001, Paperback, Pfeiffer
Best Practices in Organizational Development and Change (0470596759) cover image
by Louis Carter
August 2001, Paperback, Pfeiffer
The eConsultant: Guiding Clients to Net Success (0787956295) cover image
by Rick Freedman
August 2001, Paperback, Pfeiffer
Beyond the Podium: Delivering Training and Performance to a Digital World (0787955264) cover image
by Allison Rossett, Kendra Sheldon
May 2001, Paperback, Pfeiffer
How to Use a Consultant in Your Company: A Managers' and Executives' Guide (0471387274) cover image
by John J. McGonagle, Carolyn M. Vella
April 2001, Hardcover (E-book also available)