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Practicing Organization Development: A Guide for Leading Change, 3rd Edition (0470405449) cover image
by William J. Rothwell (Editor), Jacqueline M. Stavros (Editor), Roland L. Sullivan (Editor), Arielle Sullivan (Editor)
October 2009, ©2010
Practicing Organization Development: Leading Transformation and Change, 4th Edition (1118947703) cover image
by William J. Rothwell (Editor), Jacqueline M. Stavros (Editor), Roland L. Sullivan (Editor)
October 2015
Mastering the Instructional Design Process: A Systematic Approach, 5th Edition (1118947134) cover image
by William J. Rothwell, H. C. Kazanas
December 2015
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Diagnosing Organizational Culture Instrument (0883903164) cover image
by Roger Harrison, Herb Stokes
May 1992, Paperback, Pfeiffer
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Organization Development at Work: Conversations on the Values, Applications, and Future of OD  (078796963X) cover image
by Margaret Wheatley, Robert Tannenbaum, Paula Yardley Griffin, Kristine Quade, National OD Network
August 2003, Paperback, Pfeiffer (E-book also available)
Preparing Learners for e-Learning  (0787963968) cover image
by George M. Piskurich (Editor)
March 2003, Hardcover, Pfeiffer
Consulting to Family Businesses: Contracting, Assessment, and Implementation (078796249X) cover image
by Jane Hilburt-Davis, William G. Dyer
September 2002, Paperback, Pfeiffer
Measuring Organizational Improvement Impact (0787951013) cover image
by Richard Y. Chang, Paul De Young
May 1999, Paperback, Pfeiffer
Evaluating Employee Performance: A Practical Guide to Assessing Performance (0787951080) cover image
by Paul J. Jerome
April 1999, Paperback, Pfeiffer
Achieving Post-Merger Success: A Stakeholder's Guide to Cultural Due Diligence, Assessment, and Integration (0787972916) cover image
by J. Robert Carleton, Claude Lineberry
July 2004, E-book, Pfeiffer
Earthquake Survival (PCOL4012) cover image
June 1994, Product Collection
C and The Box (PCOL4004) cover image
August 1993, Product Collection
Diagnosing Organizational Culture (PCOL4009) cover image
May 1992, Product Collection