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Succeeding as a Self-Managed Team: A Practical Guide to Operating as a Self-Managed Work Team (0787950858) cover image
by Richard Y. Chang, Mark J. Curtin
June 1999, Paperback, Pfeiffer
Measuring Team Performance: A Practical Guide to Tracking Team Success (0787950904) cover image
by Gloria E. Bader, Audrey E. Bloom, Richard Y. Chang
May 1999, Paperback, Pfeiffer
Team Building for Diverse Work Groups (0787951056) cover image
by Selma G. Myers
May 1999, Paperback, Pfeiffer
Building a Dynamic Team (0787950912) cover image
by Richard Y. Chang
April 1999, Paperback, Pfeiffer
TeamGuides: A Self-Directed System for Teams (078791102X) cover image
by Brad Humphrey, Jeff Stokes
September 1997, Paperback, Pfeiffer
Rees Trio, Teamwork from Start to Finish: 10 Steps to Results! (0787910619) cover image
by Fran Rees
April 1997, Paperback, Pfeiffer
Enneagram Personality Portraits, Enhancing Team Performance Card Deck - Perfecters (set of 9 cards) (0787908908) cover image
by Patrick J. Aspell, Dee Dee Aspell
February 1997, Paperback, Pfeiffer
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Working Together: 55 Team Games (078790354X) cover image
by Lorraine L. Ukens
November 1996, Paperback, Pfeiffer
Earthquake Survival, Leader's Guide (0883904500) cover image
by Arlette C. Ballew, Marian K. Prokop
May 1994, Paperback, Pfeiffer
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Rees Trio, 25 Activities for Teams (0883903628) cover image
by Fran Rees
January 1993, Paperback, Pfeiffer
Improving Work Groups: A Practical Manual for Team Building , Revised Edition (0883903555) cover image
by Dave Francis, Don Young
December 1992, Paperback, Pfeiffer
The Power of Team Building: Using Rope Techniques (0883903067) cover image
by Harrison Snow
June 1992, Hardcover, Pfeiffer
Self-Directed Work Teams: A Primer (0883900572) cover image
by Cresencio Torres, Jerry Spiegel
April 1991, Paperback, Pfeiffer
Group Development, 2nd Edition, Revised (0883901447) cover image
by Leland P. Bradford (Editor)
May 1978, Paperback, Pfeiffer
Women and Leadership: Transforming Visions and Diverse Voices (1405155833) cover image
by Jean Lau Chin (Editor), Bernice Lott (Editor), Joy Rice (Editor), Janis Sanchez-Hucles (Editor)
May 2007, Paperback, Wiley-Blackwell (E-book also available)
Spiral Dynamics: Mastering Values, Leadership and Change (1405133562) cover image
by Don Edward Beck, Christopher Cowan
August 2005, Paperback, Wiley-Blackwell (E-book also available)
US $50.00 Buy
Mergers and Acquisitions: Creating Integrative Knowledge (1405116234) cover image
by Amy L. Pablo (Editor), Mansour Javidan (Editor)
June 2004, Hardcover, Wiley-Blackwell (E-book also available)