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Solid State Chemistry

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Introduction to Materials Chemistry (0470293330) cover image
by Harry R. Allcock
September 2008, ©2008
Functionalization of Graphene (352733551X) cover image
by Vasilios Georgakilas (Editor)
June 2014
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All Titles in Solid State Chemistry (101)

Inorganic Chemistry in Focus II (3527308113) cover image
by Gerd Meyer (Editor), Dieter Naumann (Editor), Lars Wesemann (Editor)
April 2005, Paperback
US $200.00 Buy
Neue keramische Werkstoffe (3527625933) cover image
by Lothar Michalowsky (Editor)
August 2009, E-book
Nanoparticles and Nanostructured Films: Preparation, Characterization, and Applications (3527612068) cover image
by Janos H. Fendler (Editor)
November 2008, E-book
Lithium Ion Batteries: Fundamentals and Performance (3527611983) cover image
by Masataka Wakihara (Editor), Osamu Yamamoto (Editor)
November 2008, E-book
CVD of Compound Semiconductors: Precursor Synthesis, Developmeny and Applications (3527614621) cover image
by Anthony C. Jones, Paul O'Brien
November 2008, E-book
Handbook of Battery Materials (3527611665) cover image
by J. O. Besenhard (Editor)
November 2008, E-book
CVD of Nonmetals (352761480X) cover image
by William S. Rees, Jr. (Editor)
September 2008, E-book
The Chemistry of Metal CVD (3527615849) cover image
by Toivo T. Kodas, Mark J. Hampden-Smith
September 2008, E-book
Physical Chemistry of Ionic Materials: Ions and Electrons in Solids (0470870761) cover image
by Joachim Maier
May 2004, Paperback (E-book also available)
Carbon Nanotubes: Basic Concepts and Physical Properties (3527403868) cover image
by Stephanie Reich, Christian Thomsen, Janina Maultzsch
March 2004, Hardcover (E-book also available)
Chemical Thermodynamics of Materials: Macroscopic and Microscopic Aspects (0471492302) cover image
by Svein Stølen, Tor Grande
February 2004, Hardcover (E-book also available)
Functional Hybrid Materials  (3527304843) cover image
by Pedro Gómez-Romero (Editor), Clement Sanchez (Editor)
February 2004, Hardcover (E-book also available)
US $350.00 Buy
Reactivity of Molecular Solids, Volume 3 (0471999075) cover image
by Elena Boldyreva (Editor), Vladimir Boldyrev (Editor)
October 1999, Hardcover
Organised Molecular Assemblies in the Solid State (047195232X) cover image
by James K. Whitesell (Editor)
August 1999, Hardcover
Theoretical Aspects and Computer Modeling of the Molecular Solid State (0471961876) cover image
by Angelo Gavezzotti (Editor)
March 1997, Hardcover
Solid State Chemistry and Its Applications (0471908746) cover image
by Anthony R. West
January 1991, Paperback
Precursor-Derived Ceramics: Synthesis, Structure and High-Temperature Mechanical Properties (3527613838) cover image
by Joachim Bill (Editor), Fumihiro Wakai (Editor), Fritz Aldinger (Editor)
July 2008, E-book
Clusters and Colloids: From Theory to Applications (3527616063) cover image
by Gunter Schmid
July 2008, E-book
Chemical Kinetics of Solids (3527615520) cover image
by Hermann Schmalzried
July 2008, E-book