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Java For Everyone: Late Objects, 2nd Edition (EHEP002040) cover image
by Cay S. Horstmann
December 2011, ©2013
Professional Java for Web Applications (1118656466) cover image
by Nicholas S. Williams
March 2014
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Java Security Solutions (0764549286) cover image
by Rich Helton, Johennie Helton
September 2002, Paperback
JMX Programming  (076454957X) cover image
by Mike Jasnowski
August 2002, Paperback
Enterprise JavaBeans For Dummies (0764516469) cover image
by Mac Rinehart
May 2002, Paperback
US $29.99 Buy
ProgramLive CD w/Companion Text and Metroweks CodeWarrior for C++ & Java 2002/2003 Set (0471270008) cover image
by David Gries
April 2002, ©2002, Paperback
US $140.95 Buy
J2ME Enterprise Development  (0764549006) cover image
by Imtiyaz Haque, Brian O'Connor
April 2002, Paperback
Java 2 Database Programming For Dummies (0764508814) cover image
by Jim Keogh
October 2001, Paperback
US $24.99 Buy
ProgramLive Workbook and CD (0471441589) cover image
by David Gries, Paul Gries, Petra Hall
August 2001, ©2002, Paperback
US $136.95 Buy
ProgramLive CD, Stand Alone version (0471149322) cover image
by David Gries, Paul Gries, Petra Hall
August 2001, ©2002, Software
US $122.95 Buy
Java 2 Exam Notes (Programmer's Exam) (0782128262) cover image
by Philip Heller
December 2000, Paperback
Introduction to Interactive Programming on the Internet: Using HTML & JavaScript  (047138366X) cover image
by Craig D. Knuckles
November 2000, ©2001, Paperback
Data Structures and Algorithms with Object-Oriented Design Patterns in Java (0471346136) cover image
by Bruno R. Preiss
August 1999, ©2000, Paperback
Java Programming: An IS Perspective (0471196657) cover image
by Jan L. Harrington
January 1998, ©1998, Paperback
US $138.95 Buy
Java All-in-One For Dummies, 3rd Edition (0470371722) cover image
by Doug Lowe
August 2011, Paperback
Developing Java Software, 3rd Edition (EHEP000931) cover image
by Russel Winder, Graham Roberts
November 2006, ©2006
Concurrency: State Models and Java Programs, 2nd Edition (EHEP000941) cover image
by Jeff Magee, Jeff Kramer
June 2006, ©2006
Professional Java User Interfaces (0471486965) cover image
by Mauro Marinilli
May 2006, Paperback (E-book also available)
US $70.00 Buy
Java and Mac OS X (0470525118) cover image
by T. Gene Davis
May 2010, Paperback
Programming Spiders, Bots, and Aggregators in Java (0782152325) cover image
by Jeff Heaton
February 2006, E-book
Mastering JSP (0782152597) cover image
by Todd Cook
February 2006, E-book
Professional Java Native Interfaces with SWT/JFace (0470094591) cover image
by Jackwind Li Guojie
November 2004, Paperback (E-book also available)