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Construction Management, 5th Edition (EHEP003704) cover image
by Daniel W. Halpin, Bolivar A. Senior, Gunnar Lucko
August 2017, ©2018

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The Site Calculations Pocket Reference, 2nd Edition (0471730025) cover image
by Ed Hannan
March 2006, Hardcover
Job Order Contracting: Expediting Construction Project Delivery (0876298110) cover image
by Allen L. Henderson
September 2005, Hardcover
US $130.00 Buy
Alternative Construction: Contemporary Natural Building Methods (0471719382) cover image
by Lynne Elizabeth (Editor), Cassandra Adams (Editor)
March 2005, Paperback
Introduction to Engineering Construction Inspection (0471201677) cover image
by Edward R. Fisk, Randy R. Rapp
July 2004, ©2004, Hardcover
Building and Renovating Schools: Design, Construction Management, Cost Control (0876297408) cover image
by Drummey Rosane Anderson, Inc., Joseph Macaluso, David J. Lewek, Brian C. Murphy
May 2004, Hardcover
Introduction to the Finite Element Method: Theory, Programming and Applications (EHEP000384) cover image
by Erik G. Thompson
February 2004, ©2005
RSMeans Plumbing Estimating Methods, 3rd Edition (0876297041) cover image
by Joseph J. Galeno, Sheldon T. Greene
December 2003, Paperback
Environmental Remediation Estimating Methods, 2nd Edition (0876296150) cover image
by RSMeans
December 2002, Hardcover
Off-site Fabrication: Prefabrication, Pre-assembly and Modularisation (0470378360) cover image
by Alistair G.F. Gibb
October 1999, Hardcover
US $150.00 Buy
Construction Claims: Prevention and Resolution, 3rd Edition (0471348635) cover image
by Robert A. Rubin, Virginia Fairweather, Sammie D. Guy
July 1999, Hardcover
Strength and Related Properties of Concrete: A Quantitative Approach (0471149039) cover image
by Sándor Popovics
March 1998, Hardcover
US $195.00 Buy
ISO 9000 in Construction (0471121215) cover image
by Paul A. Nee
April 1996, Hardcover
Successful Partnering: Fundamentals for Project Owners and Contractors (0471114650) cover image
by Henry J. Schultzel, V. Paul Unruh
February 1996, Hardcover
Project Partnering for the Design and Construction Industry (0471107166) cover image
by Ralph J. Stephenson
January 1996, Hardcover
US $150.00 Buy
Construction Safety Planning (0471286699) cover image
by David V. MacCollum
June 1995, Hardcover