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Circuit Theory & Design

Forthcoming Titles

in Circuit Theory & Design

Future Trends in Microelectronics: Journey into the Unknown (1119069114) cover image
by Serge Luryi (Editor), Jimmy Xu (Editor), Alexander Zaslavsky (Editor)
Carrier Transport in Nanoscale MOS Transistors (1118871669) cover image
by Hideaki Tsuchiya, Yoshinari Kamakura
Introductory Semiconductor Device Physics for Chip Design and Manufacturing (047062454X) cover image
by Robert W. Keyes, Mary Y. Lanzerotti
Promising MOS Devices for Low-Voltage and Low-Energy Applications (1119107350) cover image
by Yasuhisa Omura, Abhijit Mallik, Naoto Matsuo
Measurement Technology for Micro-Nanometer Devices (1118717961) cover image
by Wendong Zhang, Xiujian Chou, Tiekin Shi, Zongmin Ma, Haifei Bao, Jingdong Chen, Liguo Chen, Dachao Li, Chenyang Xue

New Titles

Power System Transient Analysis: Theory and Practice using Simulation Programs (ATP-EMTP) (1118737539) cover image
by Eiichi Haginomori, Tadashi Koshiduka, Junichi Arai, Hisatochi Ikeda
Security of Block Ciphers: From Algorithm Design to Hardware Implementation (1118660013) cover image
by Kazuo Sakiyama, Yu Sasaki, Yang Li