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All Titles in Noise in Electronic Systems (19)

Analysis and Design of Transimpedance Amplifiers for Optical Receivers (1119263751) cover image
by Eduard Sackinger
October 2017, Hardcover (E-book also available)
US $140.00 Buy
Fundamentals of Power Integrity for Computer Platforms and Systems (1118091434) cover image
by Joseph T. DiBene, II
March 2014, Hardcover (E-book also available)
US $134.00 Buy
System Identification: A Frequency Domain Approach, 2nd Edition (0470640375) cover image
by Rik Pintelon, Johan Schoukens
March 2012, Hardcover, Wiley-IEEE Press (E-book also available)
US $166.00 Buy
Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineering (0470189304) cover image
by Henry W. Ott
August 2009, Hardcover (E-book also available)
US $145.00 Buy
Transmission Lines in Digital Systems for EMC Practitioners (111814399X) cover image
by Clayton R. Paul
November 2011, Hardcover (E-book also available)
US $97.95 Buy
Grounds for Grounding: A Circuit to System Handbook (0471660086) cover image
by Elya B. Joffe, Kai-Sang Lock
January 2010, Hardcover, Wiley-IEEE Press
US $176.00 Buy
Power Electronics Semiconductor Devices (1848210647) cover image
by Robert Perret
April 2009, Hardcover, Wiley-ISTE (E-book also available)
Electromagnetic Shielding (0470055367) cover image
by Salvatore Celozzi, Rodolfo Araneo, Giampiero Lovat
April 2008, Hardcover, Wiley-IEEE Press (E-book also available)
US $122.00 Buy
Handbook of Noise and Vibration Control (0471395994) cover image
by Malcolm J. Crocker (Editor)
October 2007, Hardcover
Discrete Stochastic Processes and Optimal Filtering (1905209746) cover image
by Jean-Claude Bertein, Roger Ceschi
May 2007, Hardcover, Wiley-ISTE
US $176.00 Buy
Noise in High-Frequency Circuits and Oscillators (0471706078) cover image
by Burkhard Schiek, Ilona Rolfes, Heinz-J┐rgen Siweris
June 2006, Hardcover (E-book also available)
Applied Electromagnetics and Electromagnetic Compatibility (0471165492) cover image
by Dipak L. Sengupta, Valdis V. Liepa
November 2005, Hardcover (E-book also available)
Solving Interference Problems in Electronics (0471127965) cover image
by Ralph Morrison
November 1995, Hardcover
Low-Noise Electronic System Design (0471577421) cover image
by C. D. Motchenbacher, J. A. Connelly
June 1993, Hardcover
Grounding and Shielding in Facilities (0471838071) cover image
by Ralph Morrison, Warren H. Lewis
March 1990, Hardcover
Ionizing Radiation Effects in MOS Devices and Circuits (047184893X) cover image
by T. P. Ma (Editor), Paul V. Dressendorfer (Editor)
April 1989, Hardcover
ESD in Silicon Integrated Circuits, 2nd Edition (0471498718) cover image
by E. Ajith Amerasekera, Charvaka Duvvury
May 2002, Hardcover
Noise Theory of Linear and Nonlinear Circuits (047194825X) cover image
by J. Engberg, T. Larsen
August 1995, Hardcover