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Enablers for Smart Cities (184821958X) cover image
by Amal El Fallah Seghrouchni (Editor), Fuyuki Ishikawa (Editor), Laurent Hérault (Editor), Hideyuki Tokuda (Editor)
July 2016
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Accelerated Stress Testing Handbook: Guide for Achieving Quality Products (0780360257) cover image
by H. Anthony Chan (Editor)
May 2001, Hardcover, Wiley-IEEE Press
Advanced Instrumentation and Computer I/O Design: Real-Time Computer Interactive Engineering (0780360133) cover image
by Patrick H. Garrett
January 2000, Paperback, Wiley-IEEE Press
The Story of Electrical and Magnetic Measurements: From 500 BC to the 1940s (0780311930) cover image
by Joseph F. Keithley
January 1999, Paperback, Wiley-IEEE Press
Testing UMTS: Assuring Conformance and Quality of UMTS User Equipment (0470724420) cover image
by Daniel Fox
May 2008, Hardcover (E-book also available)
US $145.00 Buy
Fibre Optic Methods for Structural Health Monitoring (0470061421) cover image
by Branko Glisic, Daniele Inaudi
December 2007, Hardcover (E-book also available)
US $165.00 Buy
Handbook of Checked Baggage Screening: Advanced Airport Security Operation (1860584284) cover image
by Norman E. L. Shanks, Alexandre L. W. Bradley
August 2005, Hardcover
US $234.00 Buy
Radioisotope Gauges for Industrial Process Measurements (0471489999) cover image
by Geir Anton Johansen, Peter Jackson
July 2004, Hardcover (E-book also available)
US $239.00 Buy
Microwave Electronics: Measurement and Materials Characterization (0470844922) cover image
by L. F. Chen, C. K. Ong, C. P. Neo, V. V. Varadan, Vijay K. Varadan
April 2004, Hardcover (E-book also available)
Optical Metrology, 3rd Edition (0470843004) cover image
by Kjell J. Gåsvik
October 2002, Hardcover (E-book also available)
Microsensors, MEMS, and Smart Devices (047186109X) cover image
by Julian W. Gardner, Vijay K. Varadan, Osama O. Awadelkarim
December 2001, ©2001, Hardcover
Temperature Measurement , 2nd Edition (0471867799) cover image
by L. Michalski, K. Eckersdorf, J. Kucharski, J. McGhee
December 2001, Hardcover
Handbook of Measurement Science, 3 Volume Set (0471934313) cover image
by Peter H. Sydenham (Editor), Richard Thorn (Editor)
November 1992, Hardcover
US $2,645.00 Buy
Handbook of Measurement Science, Volume 3: Elements of Change (0471922196) cover image
by Peter H. Sydenham (Editor), Richard Thorn (Editor)
November 1992, Hardcover
Nanophotonic Materials: Photonic Crystals, Plasmonics, and Metamaterials (3527408584) cover image
by Ralf B. Wehrspohn (Editor), Heinz-Siegfried Kitzerow (Editor), Kurt Busch (Editor)
March 2008, Hardcover (E-book also available)
US $303.00 Buy
Ambient Vibration Monitoring (0470024305) cover image
by Helmut Wenzel, Dieter Pichler
May 2005, Hardcover (E-book also available)
Handbook of Measuring System Design, 3 Volume Set (0470021438) cover image
by Peter H. Sydenham (Editor-in-Chief), Richard Thorn (Editor-in-Chief)
March 2005, Hardcover
US $1,905.00 Buy