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Principles of Inorganic Chemistry (1118859103) cover image
by Brian W. Pfennig
March 2015, ©2015
Non-covalent Interactions in the Synthesis and Design of New Compounds (1119109892) cover image
by Abel M. Maharramov (Editor), Kamran T. Mahmudov (Editor), Maximilian N. Kopylovich (Editor), Armando J. L. Pombeiro (Editor)
April 2016
Proceedings of the 13th World Conference on Titanium (1119283264) cover image
by Vasisht Venkatesh (Editor), Adam L. Pilchak (Editor), John E. Allison (Editor), Sreeramamurthy Ankem (Editor), Rodney R. Boyer (Editor), Julie Christodoulou (Editor), Hamish L. Fraser (Editor), M. Ashraf Imam (Editor), Yoji Kosaka (Editor), Henry J. Rack (Editor), Amit Chatterjee (Editor), Andy Woodfield (Editor)
June 2016
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Metallurgical and Materials Processing: Principles and Technologies (Yazawa International Symposium), Volume 3, Aqueous and Electrochemical Processing (0873395484) cover image
by F. Kongoli (Editor), K. Itagaki (Editor), C. Yamauchi (Editor), Hong Yong Sohn (Editor)
January 2003, Paperback
US $199.00 Buy
The Production and Processing of Inorganic Materials (0873395417) cover image
by James W. Evans, Lutgard C. De Jonghe
October 2002, Paperback
Damage Tolerance and Durability of Material Systems (0471152994) cover image
by Kenneth L. Reifsnider, Scott W. Case
April 2002, Hardcover
The Physics and Chemistry of Materials (0471057940) cover image
by Joel I. Gersten, Frederick W. Smith
June 2001, Hardcover
US $182.00 Buy
Transport Phenomena in Materials Processing, Solutions Manual (0470923776) cover image
by D. R. Poirier, G. H. Geiger
July 1998, Paperback
Transport Phenomena in Materials Processing (0873392728) cover image
by D. R. Poirier, G. H. Geiger
July 1998, Hardcover
Chemistry of Advanced Materials: An Overview (0471185906) cover image
by Leonard V. Interrante (Editor), Mark J. Hampden-Smith (Editor)
June 1997, Hardcover
Sintering Theory and Practice (047105786X) cover image
by Randall M. German
January 1996, Hardcover
Thermodynamics of Materials, Volume 2 (0471308862) cover image
by David V. Ragone
December 1994, ©1995, Paperback
Diffusion in Solids, 2nd Edition (0873391055) cover image
by Paul Shewmon
January 1991, Hardcover
REWAS 2013 Enabling Materials Resource Sustainability (1118679415) cover image
by Anne Kvithyld (Editor), Christina E. M. Meskers (Editor), Randolph E. Kirchain (Editor), Gregory K. Krumdick (Editor), Brajendra Mishra (Editor), Markus A. Reuter (Editor), Cong Wang (Editor), Mark E. Schlesinger (Editor), Gabrielle Gaustad (Editor), Diana Lados (Editor), Jeffrey S. Spangenberger (Editor)
February 2013, E-book
Light Metals 2003 (0470952938) cover image
by Paul N. Crepeau (Editor)
March 2008, Software
US $320.00 Buy
Light Metals 2008, Volume 4, Electrode Technology (0470943394) cover image
by David H. DeYoung (Editor)
March 2008, Paperback
Light Metals 2008, Volume 1, Aluminum and Bauxite (0873397215) cover image
by David H. DeYoung (Editor)
March 2008, Paperback
Aluminum Alloys: Fabrication, Characterization and Applications (0873397126) cover image
by Weimin Yin (Editor), Subodh K. Das (Editor)
March 2008, Paperback
Carbon Dioxide Reduction Metallurgy (0873397134) cover image
by Neale R. Neelameggham (Editor), Ramana G. Reddy (Editor)
March 2008, Paperback