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Materials Science and Engineering: An Introduction, Enhanced etext, 10th Edition Abridged (1119405491) cover image
by William D. Callister, Jr., David G. Rethwisch
January 2018, ©2018
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An Introduction to Materials Engineering and Science for Chemical and Materials Engineers (0471436232) cover image
by Brian S. Mitchell
December 2003, Hardcover (E-book also available)
Processing and Properties of Structural Nanomaterials (0873395581) cover image
by Leon L. Shaw (Editor), Challapalli Suryanarayana (Editor), Rajiv S. Mishra (Editor)
November 2003, Paperback
Materials-Chirality (0471054976) cover image
by Mark M. Green (Editor), R. J. M. Nolte (Editor), E. W. Meijer (Editor), Scott E. Denmark (Series Editor), Jay Siegel (Series Editor)
October 2003, Hardcover (E-book also available)
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Experimental Design for Combinatorial and High Throughput Materials Development  (0471203432) cover image
by James N. Cawse (Editor)
December 2002, Hardcover
US $177.00 Buy
The Production and Processing of Inorganic Materials (0873395417) cover image
by James W. Evans, Lutgard C. De Jonghe
October 2002, Paperback
Damage Tolerance and Durability of Material Systems (0471152994) cover image
by Kenneth L. Reifsnider, Scott W. Case
April 2002, Hardcover
Encyclopedia of Smart Materials, 2 Volume Set (0471177806) cover image
by Mel Schwartz (Editor)
March 2002, Hardcover
US $1,225.00 Buy
The Physics and Chemistry of Materials (0471057940) cover image
by Joel I. Gersten, Frederick W. Smith
June 2001, Hardcover
US $182.00 Buy
Lectures on the Theory of Phase Transformations, 2nd Edition (0873394763) cover image
by Hubert I. Aaronson (Editor)
January 2001, Paperback
Transport Phenomena in Materials Processing, Solutions Manual (0470923776) cover image
by D. R. Poirier, G. H. Geiger
July 1998, Paperback
Transport Phenomena in Materials Processing (0873392728) cover image
by D. R. Poirier, G. H. Geiger
July 1998, Hardcover
Heat Transfer Fundamentals for Metal Casting, with SI Units, 2nd Edition (0873392744) cover image
by D. R. Poirier, E. J. Poirier
July 1998, Paperback
Chemistry of Advanced Materials: An Overview (0471185906) cover image
by Leonard V. Interrante (Editor), Mark J. Hampden-Smith (Editor)
June 1997, Hardcover
Sintering Theory and Practice (047105786X) cover image
by Randall M. German
January 1996, Hardcover
Thermodynamics of Materials, Volume 2 (0471308862) cover image
by David V. Ragone
December 1994, ©1995, Paperback
Thermodynamics of Materials, Volume 1 (0471308854) cover image
by David V. Ragone (Editor)
October 1994, ©1995, Paperback
MS&T '11: Materials Science & Technology 2011 Conference & Exhibition, October 16-20, 2011, Columbus, Ohio (1118305027) cover image
by The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS)
January 1991, Software
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Diffusion in Solids, 2nd Edition (0873391055) cover image
by Paul Shewmon
January 1991, Hardcover
An Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering (0471706655) cover image
by Kenneth M. Ralls, Thomas H. Courtney, John Wulff
September 1976, ©1976, Hardcover
US $244.95 Buy