Failure Fracture

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Structural Reliability Analysis and Prediction, 2nd Edition (0471987719) cover image
by Robert E. Melchers
May 1999, ©1999
Materials and Failures in MEMS and NEMS (1119083605) cover image
by Atul Tiwari (Editor), Baldev Raj (Editor)
October 2015
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Hydraulic Fracture Mechanics (0471956643) cover image
by Peter Valkó, Michael J. Economides
January 1996, Hardcover
Avoidance of Cavitation Damage: Principles, Methods of Test, Applications, Experience (0852988079) cover image
by Wolfgang Tillner, Horst Fritsch, Rudolf Kruft, Wilfried Lehmann, Hartmut Louis, Gunther Masendorf
June 2005, Hardcover
US $335.00 Buy
The Assessment of Cracked Components by Fracture Mechanics (EGF Publication 4) (0852986777) cover image
by L. H. Larsson (Editor)
June 2005, Hardcover
US $423.00 Buy
Yielding, Damage, and Failure of Anisotropic Solids (EGF Publication 5) (0852987358) cover image
by J. P. Boehler (Editor)
June 2005, Hardcover
US $645.00 Buy
High Temperature Fracture Mechanisms and Mechanics (EGF Publication 6) (0852987366) cover image
by B. Bensussan (Editor), J. P. Mascarell (Editor)
June 2005, Hardcover
US $459.00 Buy
Fatigue Under Biaxial and Multiaxial Loading (ESIS Publication 10) (0852987706) cover image
by K. F. Kussmaul (Editor), D. L. McDiarmid (Editor), D. F. Socie (Editor)
June 2005, Hardcover
US $550.00 Buy
Proceedings of the Third World Conference on Structural Control (0471489808) cover image
by Fabio Casciati (Editor)
March 2003, Hardcover
US $1,135.00 Buy
Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics of Offshore Structures (1860583121) cover image
by Linus Etube
February 2001, Hardcover
US $196.00 Buy
Multiaxial Fatigue and Design (ESIS 21) (1860580130) cover image
by Andre Pineau (Editor), G. Cailletaud (Editor), T. C. Lindley (Editor)
April 1996, Hardcover
US $710.00 Buy
Transient Stability of Power Systems: Theory and Practice (0471942138) cover image
by M. Pavella, P. G. Murthy
August 1994, Hardcover
Fatigue Design (ESIS 16) (0852988842) cover image
by J. Solin (Editor), G. Marguis (Editor), A. Siljander (Editor), S. Sipila (Editor)
March 1993, Hardcover
US $550.00 Buy
Short Fatigue Cracks (ESIS 13) (0852988095) cover image
by K. J. Miller
April 1992, Hardcover
US $740.00 Buy
Biaxial and Multiaxial Fatigue (EGF 3) (0852986696) cover image
by M. W. Brown (Editor), K. J. Miller (Editor)
August 1991, Hardcover
Werkstoffermüdung - Ermüdungsfestigkeit (3527625240) cover image
by Gunter Schott (Editor)
August 2009, E-book