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Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics, 7th Edition (EHEP001818) cover image
by Michael J. Moran, Howard N. Shapiro, Daisie D. Boettner, Margaret B. Bailey
December 2010, ©2011
Stirling Cycle Engines: Inner Workings and Design (1118818431) cover image
by Allan J. Organ
February 2014
Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics: An Integrated Approach (1118501004) cover image
by Robert J. Hardy, Christian Binek
June 2014
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Thermodynamics of Materials: A Classical and Statistical Synthesis (047131143X) cover image
by John B. Hudson
January 1996, ©1996, Hardcover
Thermal Design and Optimization (0471584673) cover image
by Adrian Bejan, George Tsatsaronis, Michael Moran
December 1995, Hardcover
Fundamentals of Gas Turbines, 2nd Edition (0471311227) cover image
by William W. Bathie
November 1995, ©1996, Paperback
Design and Analysis of Heat Sinks (0471017558) cover image
by Allan D. Kraus, Avram Bar-Cohen
October 1995, Hardcover
An Introduction to Heat Pipes: Modeling, Testing, and Applications (047130512X) cover image
by G. P. Peterson
September 1994, Hardcover
Handbook of Polymer Solution Thermodynamics (0816905797) cover image
by Ronald P. Danner, Martin S. High
December 1993, Hardcover (E-book also available)
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Convective Heat Transfer, 2nd Edition (047157709X) cover image
by Louis C. Burmeister
September 1993, Hardcover
Heat Transfer (0471502901) cover image
by Adrian Bejan
February 1993, ©1992, Paperback
Metallurgical Failures in Fossil Fired Boilers, 2nd Edition (0471558397) cover image
by David French
January 1993, Hardcover
Introduction to Thermal Sciences: Thermodynamics Fluid Dynamics Heat Transfer, 2nd Edition (0471549398) cover image
by Frank W. Schmidt, Robert E. Henderson, Carl H. Wolgemuth
January 1993, ©1993, Hardcover
Thermal Radiative Transfer and Properties (0471539821) cover image
by M. Quinn Brewster
February 1992, Hardcover
Boilers, Evaporators, and Condensers (0471621706) cover image
by Sadik Kakaç (Editor)
April 1991, Hardcover
Heat Exchanger Design, 2nd Edition (0471628689) cover image
by Arthur P. Fraas
March 1989, Paperback
Theory and Practice of Radiation Thermometry (0471610186) cover image
by David P. DeWitt (Editor), Gene D. Nutter (Editor)
December 1988, Hardcover
Principles and Methods of Temperature Measurement (0471627674) cover image
by Thomas D. McGee
May 1988, Hardcover
Thermodynamics and an Introduction to Thermostatistics, 2nd Edition (0471862568) cover image
by Herbert B. Callen
September 1985, ©1985, Paperback
Power Plant System Design (0471888478) cover image
by Kam W. Li, A. Paul Priddy
February 1985, ©1985, Paperback
Gas Dynamics, Volume 1 (047198440X) cover image
by Maurice J. Zucrow, Joe D. Hoffman
September 1976, ©1976, Paperback
The Dynamics and Thermodynamics of Compressible Fluid Flow, Volume 1 (0471066915) cover image
by Ascher H. Shapiro
May 1953, ©1953, Paperback
Thermodynamics of Solar Energy Conversion (352740841X) cover image
by Alexis De Vos
March 2008, Hardcover
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