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All Titles in World Biography (45)

Gallipoli: Our Last Man Standing: The Extraordinary Life of Alec Campbell (1740310667) cover image
by Jonathan King
September 2011, Hardcover
US $49.95 Buy
White's Flight: An Australian Pilot's Epic Escape From Turkish Prison Camp To Russia's Revolution (1740311000) cover image
by Fred Brenchley, Elizabeth Brenchley
September 2011, Paperback
US $34.95 Buy
Nobels: Nobel Laureates photographed by Peter Badge (3527408169) cover image
by Peter Badge
October 2008, Hardcover
US $261.00 Buy
Vida Clandestina: My Life in the Cuban Revolution (0787961698) cover image
by Enrique Oltuski
August 2002, Hardcover, Jossey-Bass (E-book also available)
Freud: Darkness in the Midst of Vision (0471078581) cover image
by Louis Breger
September 2001, Paperback
Daughter of China: A True Story of Love and Betrayal (0471390194) cover image
by Meihong Xu, Larry Engelmann
October 2000, Paperback
The Queen: A Biography of Elizabeth II (0471283304) cover image
by Ben Pimlott
September 1998, Paperback
Fifty Russian Winters: An American Woman's Life in the Soviet Union (0471028770) cover image
by Margaret Wettlin
February 1994, Paperback
The Creative Edge: 17 Biographies of Cultural Icons (0731408470) cover image
by Brent D. Taylor
December 2008, Paperback, Wrightbooks (E-book also available)
US $29.95 Buy
From China With Love: A Long Road to Motherhood (0470093447) cover image
by Emily Buchanan
April 2006, Paperback
US $16.95 Buy
Figure of Speech: A Political Memoir (1740311051) cover image
by Graham Freudenberg
January 2006, Hardcover
US $49.95 Buy
The Angel of Mons: Phantom Soldiers and Ghostly Guardians (0470862785) cover image
by David Clarke
April 2005, Paperback
US $16.95 Buy
The Man Who Changed Everything: The Life of James Clerk Maxwell (0470861711) cover image
by Basil Mahon
October 2004, Paperback (E-book also available)
US $15.95 Buy
Never Learn to Type: A Woman at the United Nations  (0470854316) cover image
by Margaret Joan Anstee
June 2004, Paperback (E-book also available)
US $16.95 Buy
Never Learn to Type: A Woman at the United Nations  (0470854243) cover image
by Margaret Joan Anstee
May 2003, Hardcover (E-book also available)
US $35.00 Buy
Nobel Faces (3527406786) cover image
by Peter Badge
December 2007, Hardcover
US $133.00 Buy
Heinrich Wieland: Naturforscher, Nobelpreisträger und Willstätters Uhr (3527660178) cover image
by Sibylle Wieland (Editor), Anne-Barb Hertkorn (Editor), Franziska Dunkel (Editor)
February 2012, E-book
Joseph Rotblat: Visionary for Peace (3527406905) cover image
by Reiner Braun (Editor), Robert Hinde (Editor), David Krieger (Editor), Harold Kroto (Editor), Sally Milne (Editor)
July 2007, Hardcover (E-book also available)
US $75.00 Buy
Body 115: The mystery of the last Victim of the King's Cross Fire (0470018089) cover image
by Paul Chambers
December 2006, Hardcover
US $28.95 Buy