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Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science (EHEP003703) cover image
by David Liben-Nowell
September 2017, ©2018
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Graph Theory and Geography: An Interactive View (0471411892) cover image
by Sandra Arlinghaus, William C. Arlinghaus, Frank Harary
April 2002, Digital Content
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Perfect Graphs (0471489700) cover image
by Jorge L. Ramírez-Alfonsín (Editor), Bruce A. Reed (Editor)
November 2001, Hardcover
Practical Methods of Optimization, 2nd Edition (0471494631) cover image
by R. Fletcher
July 2000, Paperback (E-book also available)
Theory of Linear and Integer Programming (0471982326) cover image
by Alexander Schrijver
June 1998, Paperback
Numerical Schemes for Conservation Laws (0471967939) cover image
by Dietmar Kröner
March 1997, Hardcover
Handbook of Matrices (0471970158) cover image
by Helmut Lütkepohl
March 1997, Paperback
Modern Heuristic Search Methods (0471962805) cover image
by V. J. Rayward-Smith (Editor), I. H. Osman (Editor), C. R. Reeves (Editor), G. D. Smith (Editor)
December 1996, Hardcover
Neural Networks and Their Applications (0471962821) cover image
by John G. Taylor (Editor)
August 1996, Hardcover
Computational Learning and Probabilistic Reasoning (0471962791) cover image
by A. Gammerman (Editor)
August 1996, Hardcover
Stochastic Programming Problems with Probability and Quantile Functions (0471958158) cover image
by Andrey I. Kibzun, Yuri S. Kan
August 1996, Hardcover
Optimal Control: Basics and Beyond (0471956791) cover image
by Peter Whittle
August 1996, Hardcover
Scheduling Theory and Its Applications (0471940593) cover image
by Philippe Chrétienne (Editor), Edward G. Coffman (Editor), Jan Karel Lenstra (Editor), Zhen Liu (Editor)
September 1995, Hardcover
The Traveling Salesman Problem: A Guided Tour of Combinatorial Optimization (0471904139) cover image
by E. L. Lawler, Jan Karel Lenstra, A. H. G. Rinnooy Kan, D. B. Shmoys
January 1991, Hardcover