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All Titles in Mathematics Special Topics (35)

Positive Linear Systems: Theory and Applications (0471384569) cover image
by Lorenzo Farina, Sergio Rinaldi
July 2000, Hardcover
The Fourier-Analytic Proof of Quadratic Reciprocity (0471358304) cover image
by Michael C. Berg
March 2000, Hardcover
Introduction to Integral Equations with Applications, 2nd Edition (0471317349) cover image
by A. Jerri
September 1999, Hardcover
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Edouard Lucas and Primality Testing (0471148520) cover image
by Hugh C. Williams
March 1998, Hardcover
Fundamentals of Numerical Computing (0471163635) cover image
by L. F. Shampine, Rebecca Chan Allen, S. Pruess
August 1996, ©1997, Paperback
A User's Guide to Operator Algebras (0471311359) cover image
by Peter A. Fillmore
April 1996, Hardcover
Kaleidoscopes: Selected Writings of H.S.M. Coxeter (0471010030) cover image
by F. Arthur Sherk, Peter McMullen, Anthony C. Thompson, Asia Ivic Weiss
May 1995, Paperback
Sub-Hardy Hilbert Spaces in the Unit Disk (0471048976) cover image
by Donald Sarason
September 1994, Hardcover
Integral Equations (0471504041) cover image
by Harry Hochstadt
January 1989, Paperback (E-book also available)
Simple Groups of Lie Type (0471506834) cover image
by Roger W. Carter
January 1989, Paperback
Mathematik für Naturwissenschaftler für Dummies (3527657894) cover image
by Thoralf Rasch
January 2013, E-book
Grundlagen der Mathematik für Dummies (3527657657) cover image
by Mark Zegarelli, Judith Muhr (Translator)
January 2013, E-book
Analysis II für Dummies (3527657983) cover image
by Mark Zegarelli, Judith Muhr (Translator)
August 2012, E-book
Quasicrystals: Structure and Physical Properties (3527606785) cover image
by Hans-Rainer Trebin (Editor)
May 2006, E-book
Grundlagen der Analysis für Dummies (3527658556) cover image
by Krystle Rose Forseth, Christopher Burger, Michelle Rose Gilman, Deborah J. Rumsey, Judith Muhr (Translator)
July 2012, E-book