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All Titles in Audiology (39)

Paediatric Cochlear Implantation: Evaluating Outcomes (1861563663) cover image
by Ernst Thoutenhoofd, Sue Archbold, Sue Gregory, Mark Lutman, Thomas Nikolopoulos, Tracey Sach
January 2005, Paperback
Adult Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation (1861563213) cover image
by Karen Pedley, Ellen Giles
September 2004, Paperback
Deafness in Mind: Working Psychologically with Deaf People Across the Lifespan (186156404X) cover image
by Sally Austen, Susan Crocker
August 2004, Paperback
Paediatric Audiology 0 - 5 YEARS, 3rd Edition (1861562179) cover image
by Barry McCormick
December 2003, Paperback
Deafness and Education in the UK: Research Perspectives (1861563698) cover image
by Clare Gallaway, Alys Young
April 2003, Paperback
Cochlear Implants: Objective Measures (1861563248) cover image
by Helen Cullington
December 2002, Paperback
Principles of Hearing Aid Audiology, 2nd Edition (1861562578) cover image
by Maryanne Tate Maltby
February 2002, Paperback
Ballantyne's Deafness, 6th Edition (1861561709) cover image
by John Graham, Michael Martin
October 2001, Paperback
Noise and Hearing , Volume 1 (1861561547) cover image
by Ron Hinchcliffe, Linda M. Luxon, Richard Williams
June 2001, Paperback
Definitions, Protocols and Guidelines in Genetic Hearing Impairment (1861561881) cover image
by Alessandro Martini, Manuela Mazzoli, Dai Stephens, Andrew P. Read
April 2001, Paperback
Hearing Differently: The Impact of Hearing Impairment on Family Life (1861561776) cover image
by Ruth Morgan-Jones
January 2001, Paperback
Mental Health and Deafness (1897635397) cover image
by Peter Hindley, Nick Kitson
December 1999, Paperback
Cochlear Hearing Loss (1861560915) cover image
by Brian C. J. Moore
October 1998, Paperback
Audiology in Education (1861560176) cover image
by Wendy McCracken, Siobhan Laoide-Kemp
October 1997, Paperback
Communication Options in the Education of Deaf Children (1897635419) cover image
by Wendy Lynas
October 1994, Paperback
Assessment of Hearing Disability : Guidelines for Medicolegal Practice (1870332040) cover image
by P. King, R. Coles
November 1992, Paperback
Communication Skills in Hearing-Impaired Children (1870332385) cover image
by John Bench
August 1992, Paperback
Tactile Aids for the Hearing Impaired (1870332172) cover image
by Ian R. Summers (Editor)
April 1992, Paperback
Hearing Impairment, Auditory Perception and Language Disability, 2nd Edition (1870332016) cover image
by John Bamford, Elaine Saunders
August 1991, Paperback