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Metabolic Regulation: A Human Perspective, 3rd Edition (EHEP002665) cover image
by Keith N. Frayn
February 2010, ©2010
Hypoglycaemia in Clinical Diabetes, 3rd Edition (0470672005) cover image
by Brian M. Frier (Editor), Simon Heller (Editor), Rory McCrimmon (Editor)
January 2014
Managing Cardiovascular Complications in Diabetes (0470659491) cover image
by D. John Betteridge (Editor), Stephen Nicholls (Editor)
May 2014
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Gastrointestinal Function in Diabetes Mellitus (047189916X) cover image
by Michael Horowitz (Editor), Melvin Samsom (Editor)
March 2004, Hardcover (E-book also available)
US $213.00 Buy
Diabetes and Its Management, 6th Edition (1405107251) cover image
by Peter J. Watkins, Stephanie A. Amiel, Simon L. Howell, Eileen Turner
October 2003, Paperback, Wiley-Blackwell (E-book also available)
Nutritional Management of Diabetes Mellitus (0471497517) cover image
by Gary Frost (Editor), Anne Dornhorst (Editor), Robert Moses (Editor)
August 2003, Hardcover (E-book also available)
Practical Management of Diabetes, 2nd Edition (8171799442) cover image
by Sharad Pendsey
November 2002, Paperback, Wiley-Blackwell
US $51.95 Buy
Insulin Resistance: A Clinical Handbook (0632056622) cover image
by Andrew Krentz
August 2002, Paperback, Wiley-Blackwell (E-book also available)
Obesity and Weight Management in Primary Care (0632065141) cover image
by Colin Waine, Nick Bosanquet
March 2002, Paperback, Wiley-Blackwell (E-book also available)
Diabetic Nephropathy (0471489921) cover image
by Christoph Hasslacher (Editor)
December 2001, Hardcover
US $213.00 Buy
Atlas of Clinical Endocrinology, Volume 2, Diabetes (0632043997) cover image
by Stanley Korenman (Series Editor), C. Ronald Kahn (Volume Editor)
August 1999, Hardcover, Wiley-Blackwell
US $247.95 Buy
Diabetes: Emergency and Hospital Management (0727912291) cover image
by Simon R. Page, George M. Hall
July 1999, Paperback, BMJ Books
US $76.95 Buy
Diabetic Retinopathy: A Guide for Primary Care Teams (063205171X) cover image
by William D. Alexander (Editor)
January 1999, Paperback, Wiley-Blackwell
US $48.99 Buy
Diabetes Management: Step-by-Step (0632048484) cover image
by Michael H. Drucquer, Paul G. McNally
December 1998, Paperback, Wiley-Blackwell
US $76.95 Buy
Childhood and Adolescent Diabetes (0471970034) cover image
by Simon Court (Editor), Bill Lamb (Editor)
August 1997, Hardcover
Diabetes and Pregnancy: An International Approach to Diagnosis and Management (047196204X) cover image
by Anne Dornhorst (Editor), David R. Hadden (Editor)
September 1996, Hardcover
Practical Endocrinology and Diabetes in Children, 2nd Edition (1405173130) cover image
by Joseph E. Raine, Malcolm D. C. Donaldson, John W. Gregory, Martin O. Savage, Raymond L. Hintz
April 2008, E-book, Wiley-Blackwell
Difficult Diabetes (0470756861) cover image
by G. V. Gill (Editor), Gareth Williams (Editor), John C. Pickup (Editor)
April 2008, E-book, Wiley-Blackwell
Clinical Obesity in Adults and Children, 2nd Edition (1405143665) cover image
by Peter G. Kopelman (Editor), Ian D. Caterson (Editor), William H. Dietz (Editor)
April 2008, E-book, Wiley-Blackwell
Vascular Complications of Diabetes: Current Issues in Pathogenesis and Treatment, 2nd Edition (0470751495) cover image
by Richard Donnelly (Editor), Edward Horton (Editor)
April 2008, E-book, Wiley-Blackwell
Handbook of Retinal Screening in Diabetes (047002884X) cover image
by Roy Taylor
March 2006, E-book
Diabetes: Chronic Complications, 2nd Edition (0470865806) cover image
by Kenneth M. Shaw (Editor), Michael H. Cummings (Editor)
December 2005, E-book