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A Concise Guide to Observational Studies in Healthcare (EHEP003369) cover image
by Allan Hackshaw
March 2015, ©2015
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Understanding Medical Research: The Studies That Shaped Medicine (0470654481) cover image
by John A. Goodfellow (Editor)
April 2012, Paperback, Wiley-Blackwell (E-book also available)
US $50.95 Buy
Synthesizing Qualitative Research: Choosing the Right Approach (0470656387) cover image
by Karin Hannes, Craig Lockwood
January 2012, Paperback, BMJ Books (E-book also available)
US $63.95 Buy
Patient and Public Involvement Toolkit (1405199105) cover image
by Julia Cartwright, Sally Crowe, Carl Heneghan (Series Editor), Douglas Badenoch (Series Editor), Rafael Perera (Series Editor)
March 2011, Paperback, BMJ Books (E-book also available)
US $31.95 Buy
Diffusion of Innovations in Health Service Organisations: A Systematic Literature Review (0727918699) cover image
by Trisha Greenhalgh, Glenn Robert, Paul Bate, Fraser Macfarlane, Olivia Kyriakidou, Sir Liam Donaldson (Foreword by)
March 2007, Hardcover, BMJ Books (E-book also available)
Qualitative Research in Health Care, 3rd Edition (1405135123) cover image
by Catherine Pope (Editor), Nicholas Mays (Editor)
August 2006, Paperback, BMJ Books (E-book also available)
Statistics at Square Two: Understanding Modern Statistical Applications in Medicine, 2nd Edition (1405134909) cover image
by Michael J. Campbell
June 2006, Paperback, BMJ Books (E-book also available)
Health Economics: An Introduction for Health Professionals (0727918494) cover image
by Ceri J. Phillips
November 2005, Paperback, BMJ Books (E-book also available)
Clinical Trials (0727915991) cover image
by Lelia Duley (Editor), Barbara Farrell (Editor)
December 2001, Paperback, BMJ Books
US $55.95 Buy
Pocket Guide to Critical Appraisal (072791099X) cover image
by Iain Crombie
September 1996, Paperback, BMJ Books
US $38.95 Buy
Innovation in Action: A Practical Guide for Healthcare Teams, CourseSmart (1118389573) cover image
by D. Scott Endsley
October 2012, E-book, BMJ Books (E-book also available)
US $59.99 Buy
How to Display Data (1405139749) cover image
by Jenny V. Freeman, Stephen J. Walters, Michael J. Campbell
February 2008, Paperback, BMJ Books (E-book also available)
From Patient Data to Medical Knowledge: The Principles and Practice of Health Informatics (0727917757) cover image
by Paul Taylor
March 2006, Paperback, BMJ Books (E-book also available)
Priority Setting Toolkit: Guide to the Use of Economics in Healthcare Decision Making (0727917366) cover image
by Craig Mitton, Cam Donaldson
April 2004, Paperback, BMJ Books (E-book also available)
Quality Improvement Research: Understanding The Science of Change in Health Care  (0727916408) cover image
by Richard Grol (Editor), Richard W. Baker (Editor), Fiona Moss (Editor)
November 2003, Paperback, BMJ Books
Quality of Life (0727915444) cover image
by Alison Carr (Editor), Irene Higginson (Editor), Peter Robinson (Editor)
December 2002, Paperback, BMJ Books
Science of the Placebo: Toward an Interdisciplinanary Research Agenda (0727915940) cover image
by Harry Guess (Editor), Linda Engel (Editor), Arthur Kleinman (Editor), John Kusek (Editor)
March 2002, Paperback, BMJ Books
Elementary Economic Evaluation in Health Care, 2nd Edition (0727914782) cover image
by Tom Jefferson, Vittorio Demicheli, Miranda Mugford
May 2000, Paperback, BMJ Books
Health Services Research Methods: A Guide to Best Practice (0727912755) cover image
by Nick Black (Editor), Barnaby Reeves (Editor), John Brazier (Editor), Ray Fitzpatrick (Editor)
November 1998, Paperback, BMJ Books
Non-Random Reflections: On Health Services Research: On the 25th Anniversary of Archie Cochrane's Effectiveness and Efficiency (0727911511) cover image
by Alan Maynard (Editor), Iain Chalmers (Editor)
March 1997, Paperback, BMJ Books