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Wiley Pathways Introduction to U.S. Health Care, 1st Edition (EHEP000748) cover image
by Dennis D. Pointer, Steve Williams, Stephen L. Isaacs, James R. Knickman
with Tracy Barr
November 2006, ©2007
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To Improve Health and Health Care 2001: The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Anthology (0787952761) cover image
by Stephen L. Isaacs (Editor), James R. Knickman (Editor)
September 2000, Paperback, Jossey-Bass
Winning in the Women's Health Care Marketplace: A Comprehensive Plan for Health Care Strategists (0787944440) cover image
by Genie James
December 1999, ©2000, Hardcover, Jossey-Bass
Physician Profiling: A Source Book for Health Care Administrators (078794601X) cover image
by Neil F. Piland, Kerstin B. Lynam
June 1999, Paperback, Jossey-Bass
Regulating Managed Care: Theory, Practice, and Future Options (0787947830) cover image
by Stuart H. Altman, Uwe E. Reinhardt, David Shactman
June 1999, Hardcover, Jossey-Bass
Profiting from Quality: Outcomes Strategies for Medical Practice (0787946249) cover image
by Steven F. Isenberg, Richard E. Gliklich
June 1999, Hardcover, Jossey-Bass
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Board Work: Governing Health Care Organizations (0787942995) cover image
by Dennis D. Pointer, James E. Orlikoff
May 1999, Hardcover, Jossey-Bass
The 21st Century Health Care Leader (0787941573) cover image
by Roderick W. Gilkey, The Center for Healthcare Leadership, Emory University School of Medicine
April 1999, ©1999, Hardcover, Jossey-Bass
Women and Leadership in Health Care: The Journey to Authenticity and Power (0787909335) cover image
by Catherine Robinson-Walker
March 1999, Hardcover, Jossey-Bass
After Restructuring: Empowerment Strategies at Work in America's Hospitals (0787940291) cover image
by Thomas G. Rundall, David B. Starkweather, Barbara R. Norrish
September 1998, Hardcover, Jossey-Bass
Trust Matters: New Directions in Health Care Leadership (0787943894) cover image
by Michael H. Annison, Dan S. Wilford
September 1998, Hardcover, Jossey-Bass
Clinical Integration: Strategies and Practices for Organized Delivery Systems (0787940399) cover image
by Mary Tonges (Editor)
May 1998, Hardcover, Jossey-Bass
Managing Diversity in Health Care: Proven Tools and Activities for Leaders and Trainers (0787940410) cover image
by Lee Gardenswartz, Anita Rowe
May 1998, ©1998, Hardcover, Jossey-Bass
Med Inc.: How Consolidation Is Shaping Tomorrow's Healthcare System (0787940402) cover image
by Stephen Lutz, Woodrin Grossman, John Bigalke
February 1998, Hardcover, Jossey-Bass
Competitive Managed Care: The Emerging Health Care System (0787903094) cover image
by John D. Wilkerson, Kelly J. Devers, Ruth S. Given
September 1996, Hardcover, Jossey-Bass
Public Relations in Health Care: A Guide for Professionals, 2nd Edition (1556481438) cover image
by Kathleen Larey Lewton, MHA, APR
September 1995, Paperback, Jossey-Bass
Restructuring Health Care: The Patient-Focused Paradigm (1555425941) cover image
by J. Philip Lathrop, Booz*Allen Health Care, Inc.
October 1993, Hardcover, Jossey-Bass
Creating the New American Hospital: A Time for Greatness (1555425143) cover image
by V. Clayton Sherman
February 1993, Hardcover, Jossey-Bass
Health Care Managers in Transition: Shifting Roles and Changing Organizations (1555422489) cover image
by Wendy Leebov, Gail Scott
September 1990, Hardcover, Jossey-Bass
International Perspectives on Health and Social Care: Partnership Working in Action (1405167432) cover image
by Jon Glasby (Editor), Helen Dickinson (Editor)
March 2009, Hardcover, Wiley-Blackwell (E-book also available)
US $105.99 Buy
Integrating Device Data into the Electronic Medical Record (3895783234) cover image
by John Zaleski
February 2009, Paperback (E-book also available)
US $65.00 Buy